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15 Amazing Facts about Self-Realization

Spiritual Realization or Self-Realization has become a buzz word, in the spiritual field.

The Jnanis like the word Self-realization while the Bhaktas talk about God-realization.

In essence, both mean the same thing.

We may safely conclude that Self-Realization cannot lead to some destination, but merely represent an alley tending to the divine.

Divinity alone can be the only purpose of all life, forsaking the unworthy demands of the human senses.

Human Senses are Defective

Our senses cannot contribute anything towards Self-realization.

However only an invocation of a Grace triggered higher order, can contribute in some way towards our Self-realization journey.

Otherwise, the senses continue to embroil us into fruitless materialistic endeavors.

4 types of defects infect the perceptive senses of Humans.

Senses prone to errors and mistakes

The senses are prone to mistakes.

They cannot know or experience time in an absolute manner.

Senses cannot even make out illusion of time.

The eyes cannot get an idea of the correct distances.

The ideas promulgated by the world scientific society, keeps changing its goal post.

Once they believed that the earth was flat.

Now they say, the earth is globular.

Man’s observational capabilities infected with errors find no consensus within the ambit of science.

The outcome of such erroneous conclusions leads to illusions.

An individual hallucinates about his own existence.

The mind, incapable of knowing reality, wallows in darkness as it pleases and accepts faulty information transmitted to it through the faulty senses.

Believing and becoming one with make-believe perceptions, is at the root of such illusions.

Man, believes or disbelieves things, based on his own convenience.

Hence he keeps fleeing from Reality.

A Tendency to Cheat

The Senses can create a make-believe situation.

People can create or manipulate situations, in order to gain advantage over other individuals.

The senses encourage the propensity to cheat.

Cheating has become the most dominant characteristic of the people of Kaliyuga.

The senses too support such behavior.

Hence one can never trust his senses.

This, one can, in some way infer, when one becomes serious enough to pursue Truth.

The Senses are perfectly imperfect

Unfortunately even the court of law sanction the mischief of the senses.

Since the senses cheat, misguide and maneuver, one can never expect Truth to prevail.

One can never say finally, whether what we are seeing, hearing, touching, smelling or feeling have any reality whatsoever.

One can reach such a fair conclusion, when higher intelligence starts working within that individual.

Only in the light of a superior, higher intelligence can one safely conclude that the senses are imperfect in every way.

Seeking Self-realization can be deceptive

Unless we become thoroughly disgusted or disillusioned with the world and our own desires, true seeking can never begin.

In short, a true seeker is rarer than 1 in a million.

Our short-sighted assumptions and bind spots curtails our spirituality nature.

Fake Gurus cannot take you there

Some believe that miracles are part of spirituality.

Some believe that “worldly goodness”, is part of spirituality.

Naturally our own shortcomings and belief systems impair us heavily.

No wonder some charlatan or the other, who poses himself like a Guru draws one or the other type of crowd.

Each fake Guru has his own sample of the population, following him, like the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Such is the disgrace of Kaliyuga.

Today Spirituality is nothing more than a Commercial Commodity.

One can achieve nothing here

We feel that the world has many things to offer us.

We can own many things and exercise our will in so many ways.

If we subscribe to all such notions, the pursuit for Self-Realization shall only confront road blocks.

In reality, our journey towards this special goal can never begin if we even remotely believe that we need to achieve something.

All Goals are Road Blocks

Only after traveling aimlessly on the sands of time over many, many million lifetimes, a soul avails Grace.

When Grace makes its way, something fruitful begins to happen.

Unless we realize the futility of all our goals and ambitions, we cannot achieve anything soulful.

If we feel that we have a lot to achieve, great go ahead.

You cannot then club it with any other Spiritual goal.

Our spiritual endeavors should end the very idea of goal.

Only when all goals evaporate can the word Spiritual realization make any sense at all.

The hoax surrounding a messiah

We see so many godmen here in India.

These people are busy advising the world on so many things.

They are talking about their own so-called “Self-realized” state of being, of becoming one with Nature, of having merged into Spirit.

So many so-called spiritual leaders are making tall claims directly or indirectly about vibrations, spirit and so much esoteric stuff.

People pose as messiahs and try to offer some so-called solutions.

In India today, Spirituality has evolved as a highly profitable market.

Where does “Self-realization”, as a so-called revolution have any place?

Many times these charlatans get us to believe in something else which has nothing to do with Spiritual Enlightenment or Self-realization.

Self-Realization cannot be a commodity

If you can give Self-realization to others, be certain, that’s definitely not anything worthy.

How can you make anyone Self-realized?

The word realization, means, there is something inside me, that’s dissolving and higher intelligence is showing up.

No mortal has the capacity to infuse Self-realization.

Not possible.

Grace and Sincerity of Purpose can trigger Self-realization

No practice can lead to Self-Realization.

A practice may indicate Sincerity of Purpose no doubt.

That too, if the person is Truthful and not doing his practices to convince people around him.

A person with utter distaste for the world and worldly transactions can make a beginning.

That too, when Grace makes its way into his life.

One can identify Grace, looking at the turns of life that manifests in someone’s life.

We cannot identify Grace directly, looking at a person, through soothsaying or predictions.

A person with sincerity of pure intention, can show some progress on the path of Self-realization.

Bogus means towards Self-Realization

Everywhere else, the world “Self-realization”, only means a cheap saleable commodity, nothing else.

When everything within and without ends, Self-realization happens.

Many people talk about ending desire from inside, while continuing to live a lavish style from the outside.

There have been many charlatans before who have engineered such a philosophy.

They continued to live a lavish lifestyle and they talked of inner purity.

There are others leading a highly lustful life, in the name of Tantra and exploiting the dense rich class.

Gone are those days.

There have been others who appear to practice a strict austere life while continuing to lead feed on name, fame and ambition.

Both the approaches do not honor the spirit of a Self-realized state.

If you intend to do good for others, it means you are different from others and you are someone special.

Nothing to do with so-called compassion, a warning.

Another ploy to get the most out of matter!

Such bogus claims are designed only to further the marketability of Spirituality.

Self-Realization means the end of “I and Mine”

What happens on Liberation?

Where do we go, when we realize the Self?

What we claim as “my experience, my knowledge, and my family” and whatever you associate with the assumed self, is verily false and baseless.

The utter realization of this baselessness is Self-realization or Liberation.

Nothing more than that.

We are too important – that’s the problem

Yet, when we experience the world, we associate ourselves with the world, just as the calf sucks the mother-cow.

That is the root of the problem.

Since we are identified with our way of thinking, our experiences and conclusions about life, they manifest as our ambitions in the long run.

We “feel”, we have a purpose and that’s the problem.

Our initiatives stoke progress, “that’s the problem”.

We feel, “We count”.

That is the root of this hallucinatory problem.

The arguments in this articles look pretty pessimistic or cynical, on the face of it, I agree.

But that’s the reality.

Self-Realization means true Self-Abnegation

Unless we thoroughly realize, “We do not count”, “We do not matter”, “We make no difference to world”, how can the journey towards our Real Self begin?

The knowing that we have nothing to offer the world, that we can never help anyone or expect to receive help, shall trigger true seeking.

The real Self, that lies beyond the “screen of I and mine”, is the real Self, the Self of one and all.

Only when our Self-Obliteration is complete and Absolute, will the real Self reveal itself, brighter than a million suns, as obvious as the pleasant moon on a full moon’s day.

The first step towards such true realization is to first realize at our core, that we have nothing to do and nowhere to go!

Thanks for reading!