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3 Zodiac Signs Who Feel Numb In Love Starting October 24, 2021

Three zodiac signs who feel numb in love during the Moon opposite Venus starting October 24, 2021, will find themselves inwardly saying, “Oh boy, what did I get myself into?”

When it comes to being in a relationship, not every moment is sweetness and light, and sometimes, when we realize we may not know what’s going on or why, we adopt this weird feeling of numbness.

That numbness screams silently: WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON AND WHY AM I HERE?

Venus, our planet of love, will be challenged to a duel of sorts, when it is Opposite the Moon.

We will be very much in touch with our love for another person, and yet – we will also be questioning its nature – why, how, who, where, what is this thing all about – and more so: How did I get here and is this really what I want?

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The internal questioning will be fast and furious, and as we continue to gaslight ourselves into a shocked oblivion, slowly but surely, that feeling of numbness will creep in and act like a sedative.

Love is such a big deal; we are born to believe this is IT, the grand act, the thing that defines us…but what if it isn’t that grand, or believable – or defining? Gah! Sometimes all we can do to understand the love in our lives is cuddle up in a ball of confusion, and pray for numbness.

Zodiac Signs Who Feel Numb In Love During The Moon Opposite Venus Starting October 24, 2021:

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

With so many options for emotional output, there’s only one for you, Gemini – and that is numbness. You have such a gigantic mind, and you trouble yourself over and over with these choices – decisions you can never possibly make.