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Moon Manifestation Program is back for the New Moon in Aquarius to Full Moon in Virgo!

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Love and light to you!

I have some exciting news as we near the potent upcoming New Moon! As those of you who may be familiar with astrology may be aware of, this will be a New Moon period associated with expansive new beginnings and a strong vibration related to the collective consciousness. As you may already be familiar, each New Moon is in a different zodiacal sign and represents a certain part in our chart that may be facing changes. Given that the New Moon period is an energetically fertile basis upon we can set our visions into place, this New Moon provides a potent charge for anything it is we wish to bring upon ourselves and the world in an expansive way. It is very exciting, and we are entering a completely new paradigm…

As such, I have decided to launch the Moon Manifestation Program (including Moon Cycle readings + guided timelines) again for this particular New Moon in Aquarius (February 15) to the Full Moon in Virgo (March 2)!

For those of you who may have been following for a bit of time now you may remember that I had launched the first program in October of 2017! This program for this session will be similar to the last with a few additions, and will include:

  • The addition of specialized PDF-doc protocols for each specific zodiac sign on how to make the most of this potent period based on your personal energetic composition. It is advised to purchase the zodiac signs most prominently placed in your chart, particularly your Moon sign and those related to your Sun sign, Midheaven (MC), Ascendant/Rising (ASC), or any other archetype that you feel guided to follow (or of which you have a Stellium – 3+ planets in the same sign). The program will also include a guided Moon Manifestation Timeline doc with activities and alchemical questions for each stage of this particular Moon Cycle so you can exercise these energies in a constructive way!
  • A video where I cover the topic of energy and the Moon’s importance in manifestation!
  • A tailored New Moon to Full Moon reading for each of the zodiac sign(s) included in your order, examining the energetic highlights for your particular zodiac sign(s) during this Moon Cycle period. Key dates and thematic concepts as they pertain to manifestation will be highlighted for your particular zodiac sign(s) purchased.
  • visual Moon Cycle calendar detailing the energetic movement of the Moon through the month and the particular energies to capitalize on for your particular zodiac sign.
  • PDF-doc Timeline Schedule of targeted activities and guiding alchemical questions for each of the stages in this Moon Cycle.

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Or feel free to sign up for your sign(s) via the links below:

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Love and light to you all on this very exciting journey ahead…





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