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What Makes Each Zodiac Sign Feel Guilty, According To Astrology

Guilt can come in many forms; it’s an emotion, after all. When you’re feeling guilty about something, it can make you anxiously bite your nails, make it hard to eat, and even make it impossible to hold a conversation with someone.

Every zodiac sign experiences guilt and shame differently, but they do all experience it.

Your zodiac sign might not feel guilty about the same things that another zodiac sign feels guilty about, but both of you can experience the same side effects of guilt all the same.

Like any big emotion, guilt can consume you entirely (if you let it). It can create even more problems than you think, too.

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If guilt or feeling embarrassed is making it hard to eat or sleep, then it can take a toll on your performance at work. In addition to not being able to eat or sleep, guilt can give you headaches, acne, stomach ulcers, and more.

But to let go of feelings of guilt, it’s important to know how your zodiac sign acts when feeling guilty about something, according to astrology, so that you can be more honest and take care of yourself.

What Makes Each Zodiac Sign Feel Guilty

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Aries, you’re usually one of the more brutally honest zodiac signs. You’ll say what’s on your mind because you believe that people deserve to know the truth — end of discussion.

That said, just because you believe in honesty doesn’t mean you don’t also experience guilt at times; guilt you’d much rather keep to yourself instead of being honest about it.