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Three tarot spreads for manifesting

Bored of the regular past-present-future spreads? Tarot reader Chandni Patel shows us three new ones

Manifesting your dreams with tarot is a great way to kick off intention-setting and bring your goals and visions to fruition! There are many things that are destined to happen in our lives, but I believe that our thoughts, actions and intentions can change this.

The Law of Attraction, which is immensely popular now, is known for just this thing. Everything in the Universe is made of energy and nothing is fixed in stone; tarot shows us that the Universe is always changing its flow and is right at our fingertips! This means that even our destiny can change with altered energies and the choices we make through our thoughts, feelings and actions. So get ready to shuffle your fave deck and learn new spreads that will make your fellow tarot fans go ‘ooooh!’

Visualise your dreams

When manifesting, one golden rule is to detach from your desires. That doesn’t necessarily mean waiting for things to happen, but instead continue to work hard and make room for things to come.

These manifesting spreads will help you manifest your dreams according to your calling and show you what you can do to get there effectively. This will help you work towards your goal, so you’ll know exactly what to do and what stands in between you and your dream! It can be used for any kind of manifesting, be it love, work, money, friendships or to solve issues.

For these spreads, you will need a 78-card tarot deck and a quiet space to draw the cards. Start by visualising what you’d like to manifest for approximately one minute and then begin by shuffling your cards.
Either let the cards fall out one by one as you shuffle or spread them out and pull a card one by one. Aim for three cards and place them in order. Read on for the three different spreads for manifesting!

1 Discover the best way to manifest

Card 1: The foundation of your manifestation

This is telling you about your goal and what is happening now. It also tells you what it currently means to you. For example, if it is The Fool it means you are ready for a new chapter and a new path and that should feel refreshing to you.

Card 2: What’s standing in your way?

This card shows you immediately if there is a blockage in the way and if something needs to be worked on before you’re ready to have this desire manifest in your life. If this second card is harmonious with the first, then things are already looking good! If not, it can indicate what is causing the delay or what is standing in your way. For example, if the card is the 6 of Swords, it could mean that you must focus on what’s in front of you first and work through current issues to create space for the new.

Card 3: Best way to manifest the desire and advice

This card will specify to you what you need to do. It can show you what is necessary for your manifestation to happen. So if the card for example is the 6 of Wands, it shows that you can continue to go down the path you’re on and it will naturally come to you. It can signify that you must continue working towards your goals and then victory will be yours.

2 Tidy up the details

Card 1: What the Universe says

This card will tell you what you most need to know about this manifestation goal right now. It will tell you if you’re manifesting what you desire or if you’re still in a different place to where you need
to be.

Card 2: Path to support your manifestation

This card shows you immediately if you’re aligned with your higher purpose or not. It will indicate what you need to do or should be doing to support this manifestation. It will show what you should be working on so that it can all come together harmoniously.

Card 3: Timeframe

This card will show you how long it could take to get your manifestation. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t wait for things to happen and instead continue to work towards your goals and ambitions and follow the advice in the second card. The timeframe will be shown by the number on the card. It could be in weeks, months, days or years and this can depend on the first two cards and how they work in practice.

3 Ask the Universe

Card 1: Where am I now in relation to the goal?

This card will indicate where you are currently stationed in relation to your goal and will suggest how far you may be away from it. If it’s a positive card it can show that you are getting closer, while a more difficult tarot card can show that there is still some time and work left to be done.

Card 2: What steps can I take?

This card shows you things you can do to make the manifestation goal align with you. It will specifically show on the card itself what things you can work on; it could be healing, getting more work done, focusing on wellbeing or even gratitude and letting go. This can help to align your energies more to what you want.

Card 3: What will I realise soon to confirm that I am on the right path towards my goal?

This card will show you exactly how you will know that you’re on the right path. For example, the card may indicate pentacles (coins), which may show that more money means you’re on the right path. It can also indicate birds or other spiritual synchronicities you may spot, which is the Universe showing you that you are on the right path. The number in the card – if you see it a lot – also means you are on the path towards realising your dream!

Remember to always let your intuition guide you when reading the cards, and spend time setting your intentions before starting a tarot spread. Happy manifesting, soul sisters!

Chandi Patel is a psychic, professional tarot reader and manifesting mentor. To shop for manifestation goodies visit and for more from Chandni watch her online at