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What Fashion Podcast Should Every Fixed Sign Listen To?

Aside from being associated with the four elements, zodiac signs are also tied to a specific modality. Also known as qualities and quadruplicities, the modalities categorize the sign into three groups (cardinal, fixed, and mutable) and can tell you a lot about how a particular zodiac sign deals with its environment.

The fixed signs include Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. According to Hello Giggles, the fixed signs are known as the doers and stabilizers of the zodiac signs thanks to their grounding and constant energy. Despite not being a fan of change and being stubborn at times, fixed signs are incredibly loyal to their friends and loved ones. Because of this, they are more likely to have a developed and signature style, as well as a consistent fashion sense.

If you’re a fashion-forward fixed sign and want to become a more stylish person, we’ve listed below the podcast that matches up the best with your zodiac sign.


As a fixed sign, Tauruses are obsessed with consistency, reliability, and dedication. Because of this, they may prefer a fashion podcast that is focused on explaining how the fashion industry works. The Business of Fashion Podcast drops biweekly episodes that give you an insights into the latest industry goings-on and give you updates on the latest fashion news. Tauruses are bound to learn a lot from this podcast as it is hosted by the publication’s founder and CEO, Imran Amed.


Leos are some of the most stylish people that you will ever meet. Aside from being enchanted by luxurious, designer, and exclusive pieces, Leos will do everything they can to stay on trend and have the spotlight on them. For this reason, Leos will love the podcast by membership-based sneaker community SoleSavy. Focused on the wild and exciting world of sneakers, SoleSavy brings in industry experts and sneaker mavens to talk about what’s new in sneaker culture. Company co-founders Dejan Pralica and Justin Dusan have interviewed some notable figures on their podcast, such as Zarek Valentin, Oscar Castillo, and Drew Hammell. Through SoleSavy’s podcast, Leos can stay in the loop and make sure that what they wear on their feet is always en vogue.


Scorpios are known to love chaos. Thankfully, there’s nothing more chaotic than the world of fashion. Recho Omondi’s The Cutting Room Floor exposes the frenzied, but exciting, world of fashion by interviewing famous fashion figures such as Heron Preston, Bethann Hardison, and Diet Prada. In addition, the podcast talks extensively about the important issues in fashion today such as the industry’s involvement in environmental destruction and institutional racism. The podcast’s timely topics and passionate interviews will surely captivate the intense nature of Scorpios.


Aquarius folks love intellectual conversations and elevated discussions. Bande à Part, hosted by fashion history lecturer Rebecca Arnold and art curator Beatrice Behlen, is a fashion podcast that makes highbrow discussions accessible and digestible for the average person. Despite talking about high-fashion concepts, listeners will be drawn in by the charming rapport between its two co-hosts. In a way, tuning in to the podcast feels like sitting in on a friendly conversation about the chronicles of fashion history, the latest fashion shows, or the works of great fashion behemoths. Aquarius signs will love how seemingly casual the podcast is even though they tackle fashion with such erudition.

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