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Top Astrological Systems for Prediction-Based Readings

There are numerous different styles of astrology, and all of them are quite different from one another. Many of them are location-based systems that have developed over thousands of years (e.g. Chinese astrology, Egyptian, Greek, Celtic, etc.). While not all of these systems share the same level of popularity, many of them are still being used today by thousands of astrologers all over the world.

People have been using astrology (and zodiac symbols/interpretations) for numerous millennia. There’s nothing else in human culture that can provide the level of divine insight that astrology can, which is why it’s remained present in society ever since the first organized culture got its start over 6,000 years ago.

Even in this current decade, people still turn to the stars for answers. Which is ironic, because most of the world has access to literally everything that’s ever happened in the world (via our smartphones), and yet we still turn to the ancient ways for answers that can’t be provided through a quick Google search.

This blog covers over three of the most popular astrological systems currently being used around the world. While the systems covered in this blog are popular, there are also countless other systems that you probably don’t know about.

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Zodiac-Based Astrology

Nearly everyone is familiar with this type of astrology, and chances are that you at least know what astrological sign you are (if you live in the US/Europe, that is). Zodiac-based astrology systems aren’t limited to the US, though. They can actually be found throughout all regions of the world, and each specific region has its own flair, style, and symbols they use.

While this type of astrological system has been relegated to the back pages of newspapers (for some people anyway), it’s still a very valid and complete system for astrological divination purposes.

There’s a reason why zodiac-based systems have been around for thousands of years! They give us some insight from the skies above, which makes us feel connected to something bigger than ourselves (which is what many people are searching for nowadays, and really since the beginning of human culture).

You most likely know how this type of system works; there are signs for each birth range. That is, if you’re born on a specific date, you will be assigned a specific sign (usually represented by a symbol from the natural world), and that sign represents a certain set of characteristics.

Astrology and Karma

Although this type of astrology isn’t as common as some others, it’s still one of the major ones (especially outside the US and Europe). Karmic astrology deals with everything involving reincarnation and past lives.

The main essence of karmic astrology is that it aims to inform people about what lives they’ve lived in the past, and what possible lives they might live in the future. While this type of belief might be hard to stomach for some (especially in the US), in other parts of the world it’s not that far-fetched at all.

For example, in India, millions of people believe in reincarnation. Certain countries in SE Asia also believe in reincarnation (such as Thailand, Laos, etc.). The belief isn’t that difficult to wrap your head around, especially if you look into Buddhism. Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and Burma are all examples of Buddhism-centric countries, and most of their populations believe in reincarnation.

Astrology and Relationships: The Inherent Connection

Love is the most dominant emotion amongst humans, and that’s why astrology and relationships are inherent to one another. As long as people can fall in love, they’ll be looking for guidance from the heavens.

Whether you need advice on a current relationship, need to find a new lover, or want to know what’s in store for your love life in the future, astrology can help with nearly all love-related issues. Relationship guidance is most likely one of the main reasons why astrology has stuck around for so long.

People will always want answers when it comes to love, and astrology systems can provide those answers. Of course, your specific sign/birthday will have an impact on what your love predictions might be, which is why it’s important to use a high-quality astrologist (not the first one you come across on the internet).