Thursday, January 20News Written in the Stars

Full Moon tonight in sexy, sultry Scorpio!

I seem to be posting less these days. I always intended this blog as an introduction to myself  in terms of someone getting an Astrology reading. It was for educational purposes really, and for fun. I am not a trained writer nor a predictive astrologer; I am far more interested in the psychology.

Yet here I am. It is 2021 and  I have been writing this blog for 15 years or more. I started it when I was a student in England, and I continued it because I was in the habit of writing papers every week and it felt like a good discipline to continue. I have found it useful, in terms of doing readings, to be tuned into what’s going on in the sky, and this blog allows me to do that as well as help whoever happens to be reading to get a feel for current energies. I do enjoy writing, even though, as I said, it’s a stretch to write about current influences without walking into the quicksand of astrological predictions. Not my cupppa tea!  So all this to say that all of this is a work in progress and I’m happy to have you along for the ride. Stop by – say hello. We are all in this together!

 (updated on Monday April 26 at 2 pm MST)

Full Moons are emotionally charged in general, and Scorpio is bloody intense! The sign of the Scorpion is full of magic and mystery and just a little bit edgy.  Scorpios don’t suffer fools gladly, which many find just a little bit scary. You can  tell a Scorpio by their deep, intense eyes… they can stare you down like nobody else. Watch your back.

The good side… loyal to a fault and willing to go deep on all levels. If they are on your side, your back is covered!

This Full Moon holds a powerful  emotional current that is being amped up  by Uranus (sudden change upsets, awakenings) sitting so close to the Sun in Taurus. All bets are off as to what might occur. Someone somewhere will be hit by lightning (either physically or metaphorically).

 ‘There’s a whole lotta shakin going on!’   

It is highly possible that by the end of the year we could see some some major earth quakes. (that’s why I don’t like predictions. I mean who wants to be the one to say that kind of thing?!) Or financial markets will shake up or relationships. Or  food chain supplies… anything affected by Venus or Taurus. Start your garden now! Taurus is the perfect time for planting and cultivating things that grow!

 Mercury Venus and Sun  are all moving through early Taurus now and are one by one crossing this electrified energy field … we can be sure that something is getting stirred up.  Besides money markets becoming destabilized (Venus in Taurus)  new information (Mercury) could bring exciting or  unexpected news.  We are already in the midst of great destabilization in society (square to Aquarius)  and may see more political unrest in countries ruled by Taurus… (???)  Uranus energy  is unsettled and difficult to pin down so its hard to even guess at outcomes. If you feel the ground shaking, head for cover.

 After a month of combative energy from the hot and fiery Mars and Aries influences, Taurus should be a welcome relief. Slow and steady, Taurians love their creature comforts; this earth goddess is all about tactile, sensual pleasures, comforts, beauty and wealth. The sign of the Bull is  slow to anger and loyal to a fault; all the Taurus women I know have the most beautiful homes. Their Ruler is Venus ; goddess of love and beauty. Earth goddess. Earth mother. Security. Gaia. Home.

Yet sitting in the early part of Taurus is its exact opposite; Uranus ~ the Awakener.  This pale blue planet is lightning fast, changeable, excitable, unusual. Where Taurus needs and likes familiarity and security, Uranus defies conventions and craves constant stimulation and change.  Did you know that Uranus rotates on its side (compared to all the other planets) It likes to turn things sideways!!  Taurus rules possessions (and money) and likes to collect stuff,  Uranus  wants space and freedom and will help you get rid of stuff. Quickly! Unexpectedly! There is definitely going to be havoc in Taurus;  sudden gains and sudden losses. Surprises are fun right?

Expect the unexpected.

Any Full Moon in Scorpio is deep, deep, deep and  will get the wolves howling. Scorpio likes to hide in the shadows but this Full Moon energy brings things up out of the depths. Secrets may be revealed,  old fears and paranoia may surface, unusual encounters will occur. Scorpios make great investigators as they will leave no stone uncovered; their highly developed spidey sense picks up on whats going on under the surface. They know the colour of your underwear.

Then there is Saturn… lord of karma, ruler of time  putting immense pressure on both the Moon and the planets in Taurus. Something’s gotta give. Saturn is authority,  rules, restrictions, limitations,  while Aquarius is all about the freedom. The latter rules the Internet, technology, groups and social structures. There may be standoff with authorities, resistance to rules. More censorship, more rebellion.  Structures and systems will undergo sudden changes.

The Tower: by RavenArt

 Pluto (ruler of a Scorpio Moon) is just turning retrograde as the Moon becomes Full.  This turns our ‘fate’ back on itself: the focus is sharpening on our the inner world; this is where true transformation takes place. Some say what is going on in the outer world is but a reflection of our collective shadow (Pluto). Both Taurus and Scorpio deal with survival issues; and Pluto in Capricorn is shaking up our world systems. Remember that just before this whole sh*t show started, Saturn and Pluto were joined together on the Collective Destiny Point (South Node = past) of the Moon, thrusting us into a period of karmic reckoning.  As we face death and disease and a looming global financial crisis… a challenge to survival is activated. (Scorpio).

I guess we all know by now that we have to face this stuff and find ways to deal with it. Scorpio will help us with that… its gives us persistence, determination and balls of steel! And as always, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and even a rainbow after the storm. I’ve survived enough of my own dramas and traumas to truly know that. But we are still in the thick of it and we must continue to face our demons and do the  inner work  to integrate our wounds and  traumas from the past. These are challenging times; I know its been hard, yet this is also an amazing time of awakening…. Uranus is an awakener… it opens us to new ways of looking at things. And  Neptune is very present at this time…causing confusion yes- yet also inspiring us to seek the less tangible but no less real (or even more real by some standards) world of spirit. It shines a shimmery light to remind us to turn within to find our stability. A daily spiritual practice of some kind is critical to finding a safe port in the storm. I find every time I sit in silence and fill up on my inner light, I  discover more strength and fortitude than I know I had.  We have so many gifts to help buoy our spirits: music, art, creativity.  We can do this. You can do this!


When Pluto kidnapped Perephone and took her down into the underworld, her mother Demeter (goddess of grain) mourned deeply,  and the world remained in winter all year round. An intervention occurred (short story) and Demeter got her daughter back, but Persephone had to spend part of her time every year in the underworld. There’s always a part of us hiding in the shadows that is waiting for the light of day.

The Uranus specialty is breakthroughs. Let the Full Moon shine a light to banish your fears. As this  unpredictable energy builds up to critical mass, I hope you find a healthy channel of expression. Sing. Dance. Drum!  Get your howl on!! 

You know you want to!