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Which THE WITCHER Character Matches your Zodiac Sign?

The Witcher is one of the newest and most popular Netflix’s shows in the beginning of the new 2020 and its storyline is primarily based on a popular character from the game, Geralt of Rivia (the Witcher), played by Henry Cavill. Aside from the popular games, some fans are familiar with the Witcher from Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels based on these characters. Geralt of Rivia is not the only iconic Withcer character we get to see in real TV series, but we also see the famous mage Yennefer of Vengeberg portrayed by Anya Chalotra and Ciri portrayed by Freya Alla. Lars Mikkelsen as Stregobor, Emma Appleton as Renfri and MyAnna Buring as Tissaia de Vries are among the other amazing characters in this extensive Witcher world.

Even though the show has only eight (lengthy) episodes, we have learned a lot about the characters and even managed to dedicate a zodiac sign to 12 of them. Which zodiac sign do you think is Geralt? Or Yennefer? Let’s find out!

Aries: Geralt of Rivia

Strong, confident, daring and courageous, Geralt of Rivia a.k.a. the White Wolf is 100% Aries. He is the protagonist of the Witcher series and one of the few remaining witchers. Geralt is independent and solo-traveling all of the time, although he surrenders to the physical pleasures from time to time. Mutated and trained from young age to slay monsters, the destiny of Geralt of Rivia is quite uncertain and unpredictable, much like any Aries’ one.

Taurus: Queen Calanthe

Queen Calanthe is a fierce woman who has shown next-level patience, big hard-working attitude and incredible loyalty to the throne and her family. The strong-willed warrior-queen of Cintra can sometimes react impulsively and that makes her a perfect fit for Taurus. She’s protective of her daughter Pavetta and just as sensitive as any Taurus. Calanthe has only a few trustworthy advisors who have her absolute trust and praise her, just like Taurus prefers.

Gemini: Yennefer of Vengeberg

Geralt’s biggest love interest and (probably) the most powerful mage in the world of Witcher, Yennefer of Vengeberg is a strong-willed and highly intelligent sorceress obsessed with beauty and power. After years of being mistreated due to her deformities, Yennefer undergoes the transformation to become a sorceress without fully being aware of the consequences: she loses her ability to bear children. Gemini is just as imaginative, clever, energetic and problem-solving-minded as Yennefer.

Cancer: Istredd

Protective, caring, responsive and dependable, Istredd is Yennefer’s first love and a sorcerer who’s got training at the same time Yennefer did. Like a typical Cancer, he does not necessarily show his emotions, but as a Water sign, he feels and cares a lot about Yennefer. Even though she left him years ago briefly after her transformation, after meeting her by accident, it’s clear that he has forgiven her showing his incredible commitment and emotional strength.

Leo: Jaskier

Geralt’s best friend (not because he wants one, but because he’s stuck with one) and a non-stop singing bard, Jaskier is a Leo by nature. The talented and renowned bard is absolutely a comic relief in the show, but his bad luck always puts Geralt in trouble. He’s surprisingly loyal, energetic, adaptable and broad-minded just like any Leo you’ve met in your life. Furthermore, Jaskier enjoys the fame that follows with being a friend with the White Wolf.

Virgo: Tissaia de Vries

Yennefer’s mentor and one of the most prominent rectors at the sorceress school of Aretuza, Tissaia de Vries is a diplomatic and influential character that has a lot of shared values with Virgo. She’s 100% committed to her role as a rector and she wants to teach young sorceress everything about magic. Tissaia is reliable, resourceful, observant and extremely patient, similarities with Virgos that go off the charts.

Libra: Princess Cirilla

Princess Cirilla of Cintra, daughter of Duny and Pavetta, is a just and fair character who has unknown but extremely powerful magical powers. Due to her tendency to put others’ needs first and her compassion, we believe that she is a Libra. In the first season of The Witcher, we only see her running away from literally everyone, looking for Geralt of Rivia, because he’s supposedly her destiny. The “Child of Surprise” is peaceful, charming and quite kind and she’s undoubtedly a Libra.

Scorpio: Fringilla Vigo

Fringilla Vigo is probably the darkest character in The Witcher series, even though she’s not a typical villain. And when there’s dark in the description, it’s Scorpio. Fringilla is a powerful sorceress at Nilfgaard, an independent, resourceful and manipulative character that always gets her way. Fringilla learns a lot about so-called “dark” magic, even though she herself tells that there’s no such thing as light and dark magic, hinting that all magic is the same and its intent makes all the difference.

Sagittarius: Triss

Triss Merigold is another famous sorceress in the world of Witcher and her fierce personality makes her a lot like a typical Sagittarius. She’s strong-headed, honest and highly intellectual, but most importantly, she’s a positive individual that is easy to get along with. The powerful magic user Triss reminds us of Sagittarius in the way she stands up for herself and her selfless commitment to the mission.

Capricorn: Renfri

Although introduced briefly, Renfri reminded us of Capricorn the most, because of her tenacity, resilience and incredible inner strength. Renfri was cast out of her home and is constantly on the run, which is not really Capricorn-y, but her restless attitude and struggle for creating a life out of practically nothing is very Capricorn-y.

Aquarius: Stregobor

Stregobor is a mysterious, intelligent and powerful sorcerer and is known for his prowess in dark magic He’s clever, inventive and witty – just like any Aquarius. As seen in the series, he is capable of deception and he can keep secrets like Aquariuses usually do – for the greater good. This mage sees things in a much different light than anyone else and has his own ways of dealing justice.

Pisces: Duny

The cursed prince Duny is a poor soul who looked like a hedgehog before marrying Pavetta, which apparently broke down the curse and brought back his normal human look. He’s an imaginative person for believing he can reassure Queen Calanthe to marry her daughter and his commitment to the hand of Pavetta is off the charts, going in a fight against all guards.