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The Ghost Walk That Shocked Even This Psychic Medium

Relive psychic medium Casey Mackey and S&S’s Rosalind’s experience on the Matthew Hopkins The Witchfinder General Interactive Ghost Walk

Words by Casey Mackey

Matthew Hopkins was the self-declared Witchfinder General. Claiming to be commissioned by Parliament, he and his entourage terrorized local communities of women (and some men) of eastern England. Ros and I attended a ghost walk organised by Haunting Nights in Hopkin’s home town of Manningtree and the surrounding area; it was an experience filled with so much energy and history.

Absorb a harrowing, historic energy

From the very start of the guided walk, I could feel a real deep heavy feeling within the pits of my stomach. The lovely Bradley, owner of Haunting Nights was explaining the history that unfolded in this dark overgrown damp ally. The energy felt louder than the words being spoken, I felt quite sick and nauseated. I wondered if this was due to the torture and sickening acts carried out. Many others in the group had soon said they too felt the same, which validated what I was feeling. I could feel Matthew around the group keeping a watchful eye on us all. This feeling of being watched was only to be confirmed later in the guided walk.

Be protected in love and light

As we travelled into the dark thick forest a séance was held by Bradley and the team. We visualised a beautiful white light cascading from the depths of our soul and out into our auras. To keep us protected within love and light. I appreciated this as protection is key to understanding and respecting the spiritual realm.  

Speak with the ghosts

During our time in the forest, I could feel a lovely young girl in spirit stand so close, between me and Rosalind. She was in her young 20’s, very pretty with long dark wavy hair. She had pale skin and was slim build, she looked like a true English rose. I felt and heard from her that she had a little boy who she was taken away from. She was running for her own safety away from Matthew but was never to return to her baby boy. I felt this boy was only a young baby. During the séance, I kept hearing her tell me she was scared. Scared to talk, she felt watched, and I could feel who was watching her. It was Matthew.

Feel their presence

During this process, I could feel Matthew and see him circling our group. I kept seeing a smirk on his face and an overwhelming feeling of ‘I want to mock you ‘he did not want to show the group that the tools to communicate with the spirit world worked. He wanted us to fail with connecting in with spirit. It made sense as he hated lightworkers and witches when he was living. His views have not changed! 

We were standing in a circle with dowsing rods. As we were all getting comfortable with them and listening to Bradley explain the technique behind using them, I looked up to see a white sharp-featured long face standing behind one of the group members. He was watching us with a smirk. I could feel that he knew I and others could feel him, but instead of communicating with us, he wanted us to feel scared and anxious. He wanted the group to fail in their mission to explore and communicate with spirit. This summed up his character completely.  

This lovely young lady was scared because Matthew her killer was still around. But I felt she had a real connection with Rosalind. The media back in this young girl’s day was what got her killed. I felt she was thrilled to learn that today, witches, lightworkers and mediums of many sorts are celebrated! She connected with Rosalind because Rosalind is a huge working part of today’s mainstream spiritual media, she was congratulating Rosalind and wanted to learn more. During our time there she stayed between me and Rosalind for a lot of our visit. Bradley asked a gentleman in our group to stand away from us towards the lake. I had heard the words, never. Never go alone. A little while later Rosalind was asked to stand down by the lake, Rosalind felt uneasy. I heard ‘never go alone, it leads to death we found out that this young lady was found by the lake.  

I too had picked up a military man from the 1940’s he was in WW2 and was around the forest also. He came across as a large gentleman in his early ’40s. I did feel once this gentleman came in, Matthew would become distant. We learnt that there were bunkers in this forest in Manningtree, an army camp back in the day and lots of families and homes lived in this forest. It’s safe to say there is plenty of spiritual activity within the woodland.   

Remember our past

From a medium’s point of view, I felt very safe within the group. The forest and red lion pub are drenched in spiritual energy. The forest is where I really felt the energy on this specific night. I do feel that Matthew makes himself known on these ghost hunts, but to scare and give a sense of impending doom. I feel with my experience and Rosalind’s knowledge he felt he couldn’t haunt so easily this night.  

I will keep this young girl in my mind for a long time. Her energy is around the forest, and I feel she seeks her baby boy. She misses the life she could have had and watches the young children of today that play there. The forest is torn between an evil with a cold witch hunter and a mother longing to find her baby boy and be maternal. It’s a real spin of emotions. Sadness, fear, and confusion. I would recommend anyone to go and sense these individuals for themselves. I walked away not feeling scared, but sorry for this young lady and the lives that these women-led back then.  

Matthew and his victims do haunt these places. Some are looking to be listened to and others, not so much. This young lady was looking for someone to listen to her story, I’m so pleased we went along to do just that.  

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