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Replay is available for one week from 10/31 : astrology

If you missed the lecture by Cassandra Tyndall, the replay seems to be working even for those that didn’t register ahead of time. Please take advantage of this if you want to learn about terms/bounds. There are few to no resources for them. I’m hoping she will write a book, as she’s been using them for years. She does a lot of explaining, and then uses chart examples to further illuminate. It’s 2 and a half hours, with a question and answer period from the live audience for about the last 45 minutes.

Here’s the direct link:

Egyptian Terms and Bounds: Unleashing Your Superpower

Or, go to, click Events, choose Speaker Series, then scroll down to the 2nd speaker listed, Cassandra Tyndall. Under the description is a Watch Replay button. There’s also a link there to grab her table of terms.

Here’s a table (see note below) of the Egyptian Terms. If you have a planet at 5 degrees 13 minutes in Aries, (see top row of table), then it is in Jupiter’s term. If that planet is at 19 degrees 59 min of Aries, it’s in the Mercury term.

NOTE: Be aware this table has been adjusted for easier reading. Other tables will show the numbers slightly differently, because the ancients didn’t use “0”. So a planet at 5 degrees 13 would be said to be “in the 6th degree” so you’d have to look for the 6, but in this table, you look at the 0-5 term. Just don’t be confused if you find other tables — those most likely need to be read differently.