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Online Class: Going Deeper When Life Is Good

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This class is especially for anyone where life is going well. It's even better if right now your life is awesome!

So why do any of this inner work stuff?

Because this is precisely the best time to go into deeper stuff. 

Too often, people turn to this path when they're distressed. It turns teachers like me into spiritual firefighters. Sure, we help put out the fire, but we can't get to the electrical wiring that caused the fire in the first place.

If we are serious about the spiritual path to freedom, we shouldn't wait for a problem to arise to go within. If we do, we aren't going to work deeply. You'll largely be just trying to stabilize yourself. Core issues much less our fundamental illusion of separateness are virtually inaccessible when a person is unhappy or upset and focused solely on trying to get stable ground back under their feet. And deep attachments are definitely not accessible when someone is extremely upset or traumatized.

It's when we're calm and relaxed, that we can see more into the depths and subtleties within ourselves.

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