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Appreciate People with New Thanksgiving

Appreciate people: You can do better than “an attitude of gratitude.”

Appreciate people in your life with a new spirit of Thanksgiving.

Definitely, this is not a typical article about gratitude or being positive! Instead, I’m going to set you thinking about your spiritual Love, Light, and Power.

That is, thinking about how you can start using them in new ways. In order to appreciate people who happen to be in your life right now.

Toward the end of today’s blogpost you’ll also learn how to sign up for my monthly newsletter, Reading Life Deeper. Not coincidentally, it will bring you new ideas to help you appreciate people more.

Mostly, though, this article aims to get you thinking right now. Aiming to help you to grow, emotionally and spiritually — like any blogpost, book, or session of Energy Spirituality.

Just for special fun: Included in this article, only, will be a tip to help you appreciate your life more.

As always, you’re invited to COMMENT. Adding your stories, your questions.

Sure, toss in a worry or two, if you have one related to what follows.

First of All, Do You Consider Yourself Playful?

Absolutely, you can. Because playfulness is not about your age. Rather, playfulness is a choice you can make, starting now.

Ordinarily, as you may know, I refer to the place where we live as “Earth School.” Today, though, I’m going to call it Our Playground.

Thanksgiving is coming this month. Long before then — and happily ever after — Thanksgiving can become your personal holiday. Because you say so! Therefore, you choose to have fun.

  • Every day, playful.
  • Appropriately playful, given the situation
  • And definitely enjoying yourself no matter what!

And if you have stories about memorable playfulness… Either done by you… Or fondly remembered by you…

Do tell!



You know, what mainstream society screams at us. Like this is we should be doing.

Heck, let’s leave that part of our conversation to the COMMENTS below.

Have you had great results from any of these?

And/or are you fed up with other people inflicting their versions of this on you?

Actually, you can tell when folks are multi-tasking that way. Can’t you? Suppose you’re talking to your pal Sam. Or it’s Thanksgiving Dinner with your sister Gladys.

And that person keeps expressing gratitude, sweetness, and light. Exceedingly positive about everything!

Or that person’s forced expression is what clues you in: Either constipation or trying very-very hard to Be Mindful.

Instead, Try This Approach

Inspiring More Playfulness. And Also to Appreciate People More

Every Single Day, What Can Help?

Already you may know about three major talents that you have in life….

(At least, you know about them if you’ve read my daybook about cocreating with God, Let Today Be a Holiday.”)

But did you know that you can use all three talents to Appreciate People More?

  1. Spiritual Love
  2. Spiritual Light
  3. AND Spiritual Power

Related to Which, Here Comes Our Special Tip, Just for this Blogpost

One Shake-Up Question You Could Ask

Asking it when you’re not having much fun at all. Ask yourself:

“What If I Didn’t Have It? Any of It?”

  • For instance, what if a friendship is annoying you?
  • Or, this morning, what if somebody awful has made your job unpleasant?

Don’t Just Plant a Smile on Your Face. (While Hating Every Minute.)

Problem solve when you can. Alternatively, sometimes you just have to get through the situation.

But here’s the beauty part, spiritually:

Next time you’re alone: Ask yourself, “What if I didn’t have this friendship, any of it?”

Or ask, “What if I didn’t have this job, any of it?”

Bring in your Love then, to reconsider the current situation.

Alternatively bring in your Light.

If you’re feeling really bold, bring in your Power.

Any of these alternatives will jazz up a trite-and-true old saying. Such as, “Sometimes you have to take the bitter with the sweet.”

Get Started Now. Think of an Example in Your Life that’s Annoying You Now

Then Apply this Tip.

You can use it for annoying situations, as well as annoying people.

In our COMMENTS section below, I’ll provide an example. You can chime in too!

And now…

Appreciating People — Your Newsletter Announcement

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Specifically, here are the articles for you to enjoy. (And maybe share with friends.)

  1. My Big Thanksgiving Inspiration
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  3. Appreciating Power
  4. A Surprisingly Powerful Holiday
  5. The Best of the Blog

If you start playing more… And you’re using more of our Love, Light, and Power… How great could that be? And what might you turn up as a pleasant surprise?

Appreciating People — could that help you to have more fun, today and every day?

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Finally, COMMENT Away

Have you been appreciating people lately? Any success stories to share?

How about questions? Problems?

From a spiritual perspective, your life could be considered: A progressive learning about how to appreciate others. And also yourself.

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