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Pausing, Prioritizing, and Pivoting

In early April my family and I moved home. Shortly afterwards I followed an intuitive nudge that it was time to press the pause button on life as I knew it. I took an intentional break from social media (specifically Instagram), cleared my schedule as much as possible and immersed myself in all the newness around me.  

Over the last six weeks I have been mainly focused on the day-to-day. Helping my toddler get settled and integrate into life in a house with stairs (we were previously living in an apartment), unpacking (we still have so much to do!) and giving a little love to the home we leased to make it comfortable for our family for this in-between chapter (another post, for another time).

This time has been such a gift. To be truly present with my little one without so many of the usual distractions has been priceless. We have shared so many special moments together and I can see how much he has benefited from the gift of both his parents being truly present and how this has helped him adjust to his new home and life.

However, my son is not the only one to have benefited from this pause and the gift of presence. In this liminal space of no longer living in the city and not yet fully ensconced in our new neighborhood, I have found myself slowly shedding layers.

I put a lot of this down to our new environment, which is heavenly. We are living in a picturesque and idyllic little city surrounded by the mountains. The city has a very small town feel to it with a close-knit community full of families. It is safe and quiet, yet the skies are full of birdsong and streets full unexpected wildlife (who sometimes also come to visit us in the back garden!) It feels like perfect blend of what my husband and I have been yearning for but certainly didn’t think we would find a mere 23 miles from the City of Angels.

I have found myself in a new space, physically and energetically and here in this intentional pause and with the silencing of the noise of the outside world, I have been able to see things much more clearly. And by things, I mean myself – and my life.

I have tuned into what my soul really wants and seen where my ego has perhaps tricked me into going down paths that had their purpose, but in truth were misaligned in some way. I have reprioritized based on the truth of what I want now and where I am now, versus even a year ago. This has invariably led to lots of shedding and necessary endings so that I can pivot – both personally and professionally.

I didn’t expect any of this to happen six or so weeks ago when I pressed pause. I just listened to the intuitive whispers of my soul, the little nudges from the Universe and my bodily response that this pause was not only the right thing for me to do, but would also prove invaluable.

I am excited to share more on my process in time and to return to connecting with everyone online again, but I am also not abiding by a hard and fast rule or date on when this will happen. Instead, I am letting myself be led by the greatest source of wisdom – my unfettered intuition.

I share these reflections about my process of pausing, prioritizing and pivoting because I know one of the favorite parts of many listeners of my podcast is the Finding my Way section and I wanted to share a little in real time ‘Finding My Way’ on why I pressed pause, where I am at and what my process has been.

More on this soon, but for now, I will get back to my little slice of heaven on earth – a cup of tea on a sun-drenched patio with the birds calling my name…

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