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The Matrix and the Initial Awakening

The Matrix, movie interpretation, building, phoenix, initial spiritual awakening

The Matrix is a movie that has stood the test of time. It captured and–in my opinion–still captures people's imaginations in a profound way. Specifically, the movies offers a powerful allegory for the process of realizing spiritual freedom. I don't know how much of the intent of the writers was to do that, but the movie has certainly been interpreted that way. 

From this spiritual lens, I thought it'd be interesting to dive into the many things that this movie got right.

While there are certainly many elements it doesn't get right and the subsequent movies really showed the writers limitations in understanding spiritual freedom (at least if that was part of their intent), The Matrix is now viewed as the introductory course to spiritual awakening and spiritual freedom for thousands if not millions of people. So I'm diving in with some observations in hopes of illuminating the path to freedom from yet another angle.

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