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Love Horoscope for the Week of November 22

Love Horoscope for the Week of November 22

This week’s planetary energy, although not perfect, should prove to be a nice change of pace from previous weeks. Mars is done butting heads with Saturn and Uranus. Mars is slowly building towards the square with Jupiter, but there’s not too much reason to worry about that until a couple of weeks from now.

And of course, how can we have a love horoscope without looking at what condition Venus is in? Venus is in some pretty interesting shape lately. Capricorn, which I’ve argued previously is a much better placement for her than most people give it credit for, is ruled by Saturn in Aquarius — which is the sign that Saturn traditionally rules. Overall, this could lend some strength to your bonds.

You may have heard that Venus is approaching a retrograde. That’s true, but it’s not until the middle of December. That makes this time particularly important when it comes to the usual stuff associated with Venus. We’ve only just entered “the shadow period” of the retrograde — the degrees Venus will revisit on its way out of the retrograde.

You see, as a planet slows down and approaches a retrograde, it actually begins to brighten in the sky. Many astrologers, myself included, will make the case that a slow planet is a stronger planet. They are brightest when they are retrograde, and that’s when we usually hear warnings about them malfunctioning. Don’t think of it as a malfunction so much as that the planet is now bold enough to take action on its own, too.

So in my opinion, based on my years of experience and observation, I actually think the next two or three weeks could be a great time for a new romance, or to spend a few extra bucks, or to finally learn that cake recipe.

Other than that though, it’s a pretty quiet week up in the sky. Mercury enters Sagittarius on Wednesday. This could likely make for more lively conversation and exchange of ideas than Mercury in Scorpio did. Of course, it’ll also make for more cases of foot-in-mouth syndrome, so try to watch your words.

Be especially careful with that on Sunday: that’s when Sun conjunct Mercury is exact. Neither the Sun nor Mercury in Sagittarius have the reputation for being the smoothest of diplomats. So be cautious about who you are inviting to your rodeo and how you phrase it — and do you really need to be shouting at that guy across the bar?