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Matt Groening Cheek! The NEWEST Power of Face Reading

Fabulous Matt Groening Cheek will be read here, exemplifying the NEWEST Power of Face Reading. (Though I’m showing Rowan’s photo here, not Matt’s.) Also, announcing how YOU can enter — and win — our Face Reading Flash Contest.


Matt Groening Cheek! And I don’t plan to explain to you that the creator of “The Simpsons” HAS cheek, chutzpah. You know that already.

Instead, this blogpost will treat you to a first-ever kind of face reading. All about Matt Groening’s right cheek.

A face reading so super-advanced, I’m calling it what?

The NEWEST Power of Face Reading.

I’m calling that “Stories of the Face.” As if each part of a person’s face can reveal the current story about a particular aspect of that person’s life.

Also, today’s blogpost announces a three-day Flash Contest.

Stories of the Face belonging to Matt’s Cheek + a contest where every entry can win, yay!

Both are ways to celebrate the system of Face Reading Secrets®. A surprisingly practical way to help you improve both communication, self-esteem, and personal growth.

As you’ll see here today, this is to be a very unusual kind of contest. Unique for our Energy Spirituality Blog! Of course, you’ll find details toward the end of this blogpost.

Given how much I have to share with you today, where exactly to start?

First of All, What IS Face Reading?

In general, face reading means exploring physiognomy. That is, the ancient art of reading faces for character.

Please, never confuse face reading with expression reading. Of course, reading expressions and body language can be fun. Beyond that, doing this kind of Slightly Deeper Perception can bring practical benefits. In fact, you may already know and love a super-practical book called, “Read People Deeper.” Because this combines body language + face reading + aura reading, yes! It’s an amazing resource for anybody who happens to live in a world that contains other human beings. 😉

Speaking of which, you can find more details here about body language and “Read People Deeper.” And yes, if you’re starting to think holiday gifts… This resource could be fun. Meanwhile, though back at face reading itself…

What Is Face Reading? And How Can Face Reading Improve Your Life?

Specifically, these are the three most important questions to answer. Quite useful background. So click on the links provided next, for answers that my surprise you. (And help you.)

  1. Which system of face reading do I use? Definitely I  depend on this unique system: Face Reading Secrets.
  2. What is “The Power of Face Reading”? That’s the title of one of my earlier face reading books. In its own right, “The Power of Face Reading” has become a pretty popular meme.
  3. How many hits just now from a quick search? Well more than 37 million.
  4. Finally, what is “The NEW Power of Face Reading”? Quite simply, it’s my best book yet in this field.

Incidentally, if you’d like fuller answers to any of these questions, COMMENT below and ask. Likewise, let me know if you’re curious about different kinds of face reading sessions that you could give as a holiday gift.

Meanwhile, let’s emphasize today’s official new advancement of the physiognomy field.

What is the NEWEST “The Power of Face Reading”?

Usually I read faces by singling out one item of face data at a time. Then interpreting it… According to the first of my 10 trademarked systems, Face Reading Secrets. We’re all familiar with facial features. No wonder we’ve got different words for cheeks in contrast to noses.

For 5,000 years, physiognomists have chosen to notice more than that. Each facial feature contains many categories.

Thus, in Face Reading Secrets, your nose includes 15 categories. And within each category you’ll find multiple, distinct, items of face data.

Usually, this face reader will interpreting one item of face data at a time. (Using the distinctive interpretations in the system of Face Reading Secrets. Other systems interpret face data differently.)

But Hello! By Contrast, Today I’m Doing Something Different.

Basically, It’s the Most Powerful Version of Face Reading Yet

Because each facial feature can be “read” in its entirety. Namely, as a way of telling that person’s story. That is, his or her story regarding what that part of a face is about: In terms of the spiritual growth you and I and others are having here at the Learning Planet, Earth School.

Soon I’ll be telling you the story of Matt Groening’s Cheek, his right cheek.

Why now? Why Write this Blogpost? And Also Launch this Unique Face Reading Contest NOW?

Special thanks are due to the man who inspired today’s breakthrough article. Blog-Buddy GARY has been mentoring with me. In order to become a professional face reader.

Because Gary knows a lot and asks great questions, guess what happened in our latest mentoring meeting? Totally spontaneously, GARY pulled out of me a sample of the most advanced kind of face reading. Indirectly, then, Gary inspired me to blog about this as well.

Although I’ve done this most advanced kind of face reading before, hey! I doubt that I’ve ever blogged about it before. Or otherwise written about it. Anywhere!

If you’d like more clarification about this approach, just COMMENT below and ask.

Today, then, I won’t be going into the items of face data on Matt Groening’s Right Cheek. (Although, if you’re curious, COMMENT below and ask.)

Instead, It’s Special Treat Time.

Here’s Your Advanced Face Reading of this Matt Groening Cheek

Definitely click on this next link. So you can see the photograph I’ll be using as a basis for researching the fascinating Matt Groening (Right) Cheek.

I’ll be telling the story of Matt’s power style in career. Now, at the time of the photo.

  • In case you’re wondering, I’ll start at the inside edge. (That is, close to his nose.) Which reveals much about how his personal power activities start within him.
  • And then I’ll work my way over to the outer edge. (That is, veering toward the right side of his face.) Which reveals secrets about how Matt reaches out into society, aiming to accomplish his goals.

Long Before “Awkward” Became a “Cute Meme”…

BTW feel free to COMMENT below if you share my loathing of “Awkward” as a trendy reason to like public figures. Or characters in novels, etc. (Below I’ll COMMENT with the number of hits I just got on Google for “People who call themselves awkward.”)

Seems to me, Matt Groening has a habitual weirdness experience. When it comes to seeming as though he fits into society.

He fits, yet he doesn’t. And rather than disregard or minimize his discomfort, guess what? That discomfort, that social ickiness, has become something he notices far more minutely than social pleasantries. (Quite opposite to what most of us do. Which is more like gliding by on the surface of meeting new people. Taking whatever we can get.)

  • Noticing the misfits
  • Lampooning those too clueless to recognize that many folks really don’t fit in
  • Ridiculing the slightly ridiculous attempts people make to get things done. (AKA ridiculing quirky ways that folks use their power in ways that are doomed from the start.)

All this has become Groening’s stock in trade. His brand!

Note: Don’t let the cartoonishness fool you. “The Simpsons” is social satire.

For example, consider the character called “Sideshow Bob” is like “Frasier pickled in arsenic.” Most of us have met people in real life (politicians included) who are: Over-educated, self-involved, unscrupulous, populist embodiments of white privilege.

You’ll find them satirized on “The Simpsons.”

By contrast, most comedy sitcoms flow from quirky characters. Like Lucy Ricardo: A breathtakingly original, outrageous character you simply won’t find elsewhere.

Back to that Matt Groening Cheek, and the Power Story It Tells

Matt has learned how to muster all his forcefulness and make one outrageous statement at a time.

Blog-Buddies, most of us do a little pushing. Including in front of strangers.

Right now, for instance, I’m going onto Twitter. Reading a comment that has received xx likes and xx follows. The writer, dared to tweet this:

Despite the often-mocked brevity of tweets, 140 characters is plenty for most folks. We’ll make our “big statement.” Which still can take a lot out of us.

By contrast, Matt Groening has learned how to create a wacky character like Sideshow Bob. Then push him into one episode. Then push forward with an entire story arc. Broadcasting one kind of wackiness or another all over the world.

Something he’s been doing through the entire run of “The Simpsons.” And yes, that means since 1989!

Making this the longest-running American sitcom. Also, the longest-running American scripted primetime television series. Both in terms of seasons and number of episodes!

Finally, I’m So Touched by Matt’s Authentic (Well Hidden) Power Vulnerability

As I see it. And interpret it…

Matt Groening’s success is super-successful. Just as his leadership and comedic reach have been immensely powerful.

Yet the success of his satire isn’t preventing people from doing their own unintended imitations of satirical characters. Like Homer Simpsons who happen to live right in your neighborhood. Living like that in real life, where it isn’t so funny.

One of the unsung tragedies of our era, imo, is how many people make themselves stupider than they have to be.

Reading the outer side of the right Matt Groening Cheek, I find a kind of extinguished hopefulness. As though Matt was aiming to use satire to give people a wakeup call. Instead, too many folks are proudly imitating Mr. D’oh!

As if, to some degree, Matt hoped that folks would stop in their tracks. Laughing. Stopping as if at a stop sign. Afterward, maybe they might make a left turn off that dead-end street.

Instead, millions are getting the jokes. But not waking up inside, not in the least. Laughing, they might stop for a few seconds. As if at a stop sign. But then they’d keep driving down that same dead-end street. Maybe even feeling a little better about themselves.

Seems to me, Matt’s fame and success are nice, and he’s handled them well. Yet he hasn’t really succeeded at more than giving his viewers some easy laughs. Although, according to the right cheek, Matt was hoping for that. In the tradition of great satirists, like Jonathan Swift, George Orwell, Gary Trudeau, and others: Matt Groening was hoping that he might prod his audience… to think.

Now, Moving on From Matt Groening Cheek

And Regarding Our Flash Contest

Because this will be our most advanced face reading contest yet, hey! I’ll ask you to do a little more work when entering. Compared to our most recent contest, where entering was super easy. Altogether it might take you up to five minutes to enter.

But everybody who enters will receive a prize. And I’d consider that prize pretty special. In addition, I’ll be giving one Grand Prize.

Okay, Prizes First. Will You Get Your Very Own Matt Groening Cheek?

Definitely not. Brilliant Matt Groening gets to keep — and keep on evolving — both of those cute cheeks on his face.

But you? If you enter as requested below, everyone — except for the Grand Prize Winner — will receive a very special list.

  1. You see, I’ll publish a list of three of your nominee’s most important items of face data. 
  2. Also, I’ll add the relevant page references to “The NEW Power of Face Reading.” So you can learn about the meaning in detail.

As a face reader, it can take hundreds of hours to develop a sense of which items of face data matter most. Given the dozens of other items that you can learn to see and interpret. Although meaningful, these are items of lesser importance.

What Will Be Different If You’re Selected as the Grand Prize Winner?

I’ll do the newest kind of face reading. First I’ll selecting one or more features to read on that particular face.

And then, as an experienced face reader, I will read you that story. Expect to read that as a new blogpost.

How to Enter our Most Advanced Ever Face Reading Contest

Here’s how this contest is going to work:

  1. One entry per person, please.
  2. Since this is a 3-Day Face Reading Flash Contest, COMMENT below with your entry within 3 days from publication of this article on Nov. 22. Thus, please comment no later than midnight on November 25. (For Americans, that will be our Thanksgiving night.)
  3. Choose a public figure who is at least 18 years of age.
  4. Google, using the Images tab. Otherwise, use another source, to supply the url for a good headshot. One that shows the face clearly from the front. (In this case, some of the forehead or chin might be cropped off. Since I won’t be doing an Aura Reading. Or cocreating a Skilled Empath Merge. Simply giving you Blog-Buddies a Face Reading.) Please include this link when you comment.
  5. Optional but recommended: Tell us what this person is known for. Also, why you’re interested in this particular person.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re a fan of “The Simpsons” and Matt Groening…

And/or you’re a fan of reading faces…

I hope you’ve sharing today’s breakthrough post on face reading.

Back in 1975, I first became fascinated by the ancient art of physiognomy. Eventually I turned pro as a face reader – in 1986. Since then, I’ve kept reading faces. And I’ve kept learning, of course.

This will be our first face reading contest in years. Be sure to check back. Definitely consider entering!

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