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CBD Products Warning: Avoid Wasting Your Life

CBD Products WARNING: All that glitters is not good for you.

CBD Products WARNING? Definitely.

Especially if you want to use your full potential in life. For example, do you wish to:

  • Achieve excellence, in any way?
  • Be of service to others?
  • Or improve your relationship with God?

Then read this article closely. Because CBD products may be in your home right now. As one of my clients put it recently, “But CBD is everywhere.”

But not in your home after you read this article. Not if you’re smart.

Let’s Talk Kryptonite

Remember how Superman was weakened when in the presence of Kryptonite? For you, buying CBD products is like keeping around a pretty little chunk of Kryptonite. Definitely not worthy of you!

But don’t just take my word for it. Today’s anti-CBD article will highlight research into the dulling impact that CBD can have on you.

But First, a Story.

What Prompted Me to Write this CBD Products WARNING?

Twice it happened last week. Both times, I was in session with an Energy Spirituality client.  Shockingly, what did I discover? Almost like a horror movie about how folks could mess up their spiritual consciousness — both times, guess what I found.

As usual, near the start of a session, I did a Skilled Empath Merge.  (In order to learn what was going on with my client’s aura and consciousness.) Whammo! Both times, I found Spiritual Addiction. Completely unlike what usually was going on with these self-actualizing people.

  • Client Sam had been using a new shower gel. Guess which wonder ingredient was on the label? (Only he hadn’t read the label until after I asked, “What have you been doing to throw your aura out of whack.)
  • Client Gladys had broken up with a guy who was bad for her. During the two difficult months since then, had Gladys come to me for Energy Spirituality sessions? (Very likely, I could have helped. Quite often, I’ve helped other clients recover from a bad breakup.)
  • But no. Gladys had found her own solution. As she put it: “Drinking wine, smoking weed, and plenty of CBD. So I could relax and chill.”

Blog-Buddies, don’t buy into this foolishness. CBD oil brings bad consequences. Not identical with drinking alcohol. Nor smoking pot. But pretty darned unhelpful. At least if you aim for emotional growth and/or spiritual awakening.

Surely You Can Have Better Goals in Life than to Sedate Yourself

Your CBD Products Warning… Starts Here.

Sadly, CBD Products May Be in Your Home Right Now

So let’s not waste a moment, but turn to a couple of auras. Yes, let’s explore the impact of CBD on a couple of experts, Tammie and Anthony.

In order to discern the effect of CBD Gummy Bears, CBD Oil, etc.? Basically, a blogpost like this is the best I can do: At random, I’ve chosen two CBD activists with YouTube videos online that I can use for reading their auras.

Before we go any further, let’s have some fun with this. How often do you have a chance to knowingly have a first impression of a big CBD user?

Please, click on the following links for Tammie and Anthony. Before you read further, take a look and then COMMENT below. What do they seem like to you as people?

Next, I’ll explore an array of seven chakra databanks on each of these CBD Experts. (In case you’re not familiar with what each one is about, check out my early COMMENTS below.)

  • Will CBD give Tammie and Anthony sparkling auras? Perhaps enviable awareness and magnificent emotional growth, exceeded only by their blossoming spiritual lives.
  • Or will you learn something that inspires you differently? Maybe inspires you to protect yourself energetically and humanly… by resolving to saying NO to CBD anything.

CBD Products Products Warning, Expert #1.

Tammie Sawyer, CBD Expert

“What is CBD and why take it?” Thus begins a YouTube video with none other than Tammie. 

In order to research her chakra databanks, I’ve paused this video at 17 seconds.

CBD Warning about Our First CBD Expert, Tammie.

Root Chakra Databank for Connection to Objective Reality

Symbolic Size:

1 inch. Almost completely shut down, at the time of this video.


Tammie is mellow, alright. Her relationship to objective reality is akin to perpetually wearing an ugly old pair of shoes. Maybe like work boots from Walmart? Imagine them as muddy, looking stupid and feeling even stupider.

Regarding engaging in life around her? That is, objective reality, like driving a car? Hey, Tammie’s mellow enough to do that kind of thing if she has to, but her disdain for mere objective reality is pretty intense.

Particularly, I’d say, Tammie’s disdain for life around her is surprisingly intense for somebody whose big claim to fame is being mellow on CBD.

Quite likely, we’ll learn more about Tammie’s more blissful enthusiasms as we keep researching more of her chakra databanks.

CBD Warning #2. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Handling Conflict

Symbolic Size:

1/8 inch. Quite a complete shut down, at the time of this video!


Blog-Buddies, when I was in college during the Baby Boomer, pot-smoking years, we kids had a “clever” saying:

“Let’s not and say we did.”

Quite a bit like that, what does the quality of this chakra databank reveal about Tammie’s enthusiasm over handling conflict? Zero enthusiasm. Instead she’d prefer to curl up and go to sleep until the conflict passes.

Maybe like an elderly cat, napping by a warm radiator?

Blog-Buddies, can you make any connection between Tammie’s mellowness and the size of that chakra databank?

Granted, pop culture includes a lot of allure about being “mellow, chill, relaxed” etc. But do you think that what Tammie’s got going in this chakra databank… can help her to handle adult responsibilities, like handling conflicts?

CBD Warning #3. Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Growth

Symbolic Size:

1/8 inch. Again, completely shut down, at the time of this video.


Note: When reading chakra databanks it’s really important to read both the symbolic size and the quality.

Also, it’s vital to compare the two. Since sometimes you might find a mismatch, contradicting a person’s glorified opinion of herself. As a matter of fact, an excellent example follows.

Evidently Tammie feels as though she is growing so much every day. Like, it’s awesome!

Blog-Buddies, why might Tammie be feeling so emotionally fabulous? Although that chakra databank size suggests something’s amiss. Any idea what?

Warning #4. Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

Symbolic Size:

1 inch. Quite close to shutdown.


Why tell the truth? Tammie truly feels above it all. Akin to being in a chill space where she is far too wise to bother about stupid little details. If anything, she’d rather giggle. Really, truth is so relative to those who are “wise, like her.”

Blog-Buddies, have you ever encountered hype for CBD gummy bears, etc., where the ad makes this kind of pitch?

“Of course, ethics are mostly a hassle. ‘Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream. It is not lying.‘”

Slight Beatles parody there….

CBD Warning #5. Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Psychic Guidance

Symbolic Size:

Out to the moon. Considerably over-functioning.


Home! Tammie feels like she’s home. Since currently her awareness is positioned at an Astral Vibrational Frequency.

This, of course, is what CBD products do. Whether the sweet ones. The oily ones. etc.

Blog-Buddies, what if any of you don’t yet know what this means: “Positioning consciousness at an Astral Vibrational Frequency?

Don’t be shy about asking.

While, if you do know what this means, any reaction to having astral experience being Tammie’s very big enthusiasm?

CBD Warning #6. Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Growth

Symbolic Size:

1 inch. Almost totally shut down.


“I know all about Spirit.”

In addition, the quality of this teensy shut-down chakra databank reminds me of something. Think of a CBD gummy bear. But without the food coloring.

Blog-Buddies, does it surprise you that somebody with a different — and HUGELY over-functioning — Third Eye Chakra Databank…

Would have a Third Eye Chakra Databank… with the quality of being so very stuck and stumpy?

  • Don’t psychics and healers often do chakra readings where they say, “Your (entire) Third Eye Chakra is OPEN.”
  • Or else, “Your (entire) Third Eye Chakra is CLOSED.”

Ridiculous generalizations like this betray a lack of skill at reading auras. Chakra readings mean Stage 2 Energetic Literacy. By contrast, good quality aura reading begins with Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.

CBD Products Warning #7. High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill

Symbolic Size:

1/8 inch. Totally and habitually shut down.


I’m walking bliss. I’m nirvana. Altogether, I’m absolutely perfect in every way.

Again, note the contrast between Symbolic Size and Quality. Comments, Blog-Buddies?

Ooohkayyyy. Now for Researching our Second CBD Enthusiast.

Will our findings be altogether different?

And just in case you’re wondering: Of course, I improvise these blogposts. No reading these folks in advance to screen out the normal ones. That would be cheating.

CBD Products Warning #2.

Anthony Phillips, Another CBD Expert

Anthony gives an interview at this YouTube video entitled “All About CBD.”

For research purposes, I used a screenshot of this video at 6 minutes, 6 seconds.

CBD Warning about Our Second CBD Expert, Anthony.

Root Chakra Databank for Connection to Objective Reality

Symbolic Size:

1/8 inch. Habitually shut down.


Barely there. And that’s serious. Since effective, productive human beings must have a strong relationship to objective reality. Like:

  • Acting real.
  • Seeming real.
  • Appearing humanly real to others.

But for this chakra databank on Anthony, while he’s making a video yet! “Basically, [noticing objective reality is] too much work, man.”

CBD Warning #2. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Handling Conflict

Symbolic Size:

1/8 inch. Again, completely shut down. In a way that appears habitual.


Seems to me that Anthony has a very-very high opinion of himself. Like he’s above it all. As if he knows too much to bother much at all… about anything.

Warning #3. Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Growth

Symbolic Size:

1/8 inch. Also completely shut down.


Anthony’s emotional wisdom is TREMENDOUS. (According to him.)

CBD Warning #4. Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

Symbolic Size:

1/8 inch. Once again, totally shut down.


There’s no point in telling you anything true. Trueness is. Trueness is beingness.

The quality of this chakra databank reminds me of a popular saying you might remember. From your NOT favorite people?

“If I have to explain it to you, you wouldn’t understand it anyway.”

Blog-Buddies, maybe you’d like to share your opinion of this kind of attitude.

Unless you believe that COMMENTING below with your fellow readers would be too much trouble, and wouldn’t matter anyway. 😉

Warning #5. Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Psychic Guidance

Symbolic Size:

Out to the moon. (Trillions of miles. And definitely over-functioning.)


Home sweet home? Positioning his consciousness at his CBD home, Anthony feels comfortable and understood.

All he need do is think or feel things, and then they’ll materialize. He’s like an energy wizard.

Blog-Buddies, does this remind you at all of Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction?

Why do you think that might be?

CBD Warning #6. Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Growth

Symbolic Size:

1/8th inch. Totally shut down.


“I’m There.”

Blog-Buddies, which kind of “There” do you think this might be? Enlightenment, maybe?

CBD Warning #7. High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill

Symbolic Size:

1/8 inch. Also completely and habitually shut down.


Sadness. As if Anthony could have had a life, could have made something more of his life.

Confusingly, his laziness feels nothing short of GREAT to him. Yet in this chakra databank, Anthony also has a nagging suspicion that something, something, somehow is… not exactly what he thinks he is.

Maybe later he’ll find time to consider. Except what is time, anyway, really?

How about you, Blog-Buddies? While reading about Anthony do you feel sorry for him? Or maybe something altogether different?

Do tell.

In Conclusion: Chill Is Over-Rated.

Here’s my takeaway: Chill Can Become a Way to Waste Your Life.

What’s yours?

Were you impressed by these shining lights of CBD wonderfulness, Tammie and Anthony? Do COMMENT below and let us know.

Meanwhile, How Can You Protect Yourself from Their Kind of Aura-Level Mess?

  1. Don’t buy anything new that contains CBD. Read labels.
  2. Also read labels on products in your own home. Anything from hand lotion to baked goods. If you find CBD as an ingredient, please throw that product in the garbage. Don’t give it away to a friend. (Not unless you dislike your “friend.” Plus, you’re also okay with giving yourself some pretty bad karma.)
  3. What if your massage therapist or beauty salon wants to please you by throwing in some CBD oil? Just say no.
  4. How about eating candy or brownies at a party? Again, you’re better off saying no.
  5. In the process of saying these NO’s, guess what? You’ll be saying YES to life.

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