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Paint Yourself into a Corner. (With God.)

Paint Yourself into a Corner? Sure. Come sample a poem from “Let Today Be a Holiday.”

Paint Yourself into a Corner. Maybe, in this case, that could be a good thing.

Paint Yourself into a Corner.

From “Let Today Be a Holiday.”

Finders and seekers of truth — lately some of your comments have been about that.

Part of our recognition of Name Alignment® Aura Research as a way to find more of the spiritual truth in your life.

In your honor, a treat.

Blog-Buddies, you may know that most of my books contain a poem at the start. 

“Bigger than All the Night Sky” is a memoir with several poems.

But the biggest collection is in my daybook about how to cocreate with God.


Tonight a buddy asked to hear one of these poems.

As if that happened every day!

Surprisingly or not, my choice was “Paint Yourself into a Corner.”

And then your friendly Enlightenment Teacher thought: Some of you Blog-Buddies might enjoy this one of the poems in “Let Today Be a Holiday.”

Here you go. Enjoy!

Sure, Paint Yourself into a Corner. This Corner.


All those hymns of praise you’ve been collecting,

sacred moments, ways of ease and joy:

you’ll know how to use them.


All those names of God you’ve been collecting,

sounds of ocean, truth depths in a voice,

the freshest smell in daisies, roses’ songs,

the light of knowing — all this,

did you know?

You saved it for a reason.


This language no one else on earth can teach you.

It’s spoken with the voice straight from your soul.

Half-knowing, probably, you have been learning

how to hear His presence, His footfall.


You have collected more than you acknowledge.

And any day now, everything you hear

will sing that sound, chiming in perfect sequence.


You’ll find yourself, then, painted into a corner,

where, even if you wished, there’s no retreat.

Beginning now, the paint of sacred lightshow

is clinging to your ears, your heart, your feet.


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