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Find New Meaning in Your Life

Find New Meaning in Your Life. Must you become a professional philosopher to do that? Nah!

Find New Meaning in Your Life.

Because, yes, I’d love to show you new ways of achieving this. And I think I can.

This blogpost includes your newsletter announcement for the Dec. 2021 issue of Reading Life Deeper. Besides that, we’ll launch another lively Comment Conversation.

In this case, you and I can share our thoughts on ways to make life fresh, educational… And definitely meaningful… Every amazing day.

Find New Meaning to Heal Boredom

Actually it’s a creepy thing about boredom. It creeps up on us.

Sometimes new clients for Energy Spirituality sessions will ask me to “Heal all the bad energies.” Requesting removal of energies that “Make me feel stuck in life.” etc.

However, boredom is one of those common life problems that isn’t an energy. Although I certainly have ways of finding — and removing — many kinds of STUFF that can get stuck in your aura, hello!

Boredom isn’t an energy to heal. Usually boredom is just a habit.

Indirectly, that is. Because the habit of boredom arises when we don’t persist in finding new ways to make every day meaningful.

For instance…

You Can Find New Meaning by Questioning What “Everybody Feels”

Oh, the horror! One sunny-and-serene Sunday morning, I was listening to the radio slow “All Things Considered,” on National Public Radio. Charming Scott Simon, the grandfatherly host, was interviewing esteemed author Jodi Picoult on her latest book.

Sadly, the conversation turned toward the Covid 19 Pandemic. As if I really needed to hear more about that! This year I’ve been vaxxed and boosted. (Sure hope you have too, for the sake of others as well as yourself).

At first, my reaction to this topic was, “Here comes the last thing I want to hear about.” Then it got worse. Jodi has a sweet voice and, as I’ve mentioned, such an excellent reputation. Until she said the following, I enjoyed hearing her talk. Until she said what?

“Of course, during the pandemic we all felt the same thing.”

As if! Never tell such a thing to this blogger on Deeper Perception Made Practical. Honestly! The nerve!

I’m into finding the juicy particulars of life, not the outer same-old husks. Aren’t you?

Easy Clichés Make Life Harder, Ever Notice?

Hey, I’m not going to ask you to count how many times you’ve heard pandemic talk and the person said things like:

“Of course, everyone felt [whatever].”

Wouldn’t it be more honest if these generalizers said this?

“I felt X. And so I’m sure that you also felt X. Because I believe that I’m just like you, only smarter. Obviously, you’ve asked me to tell (poor, inarticulate) you… the words in your head.”

Surely all of us do better when we avoid repeating bland little tropes. Such as those about how we’re all alike… and very much like overcooked oatmeal. Or whatever.

As for those of us who prefer living, not generalizing

One Shortcut to Finding New Meaning: Appreciate Your Life NOW

Personally, I’ve never tasted the same orange twice. Have you?

Yet, in the language of Cliché, all oranges are exactly the same:

A fruit that’s orange. Now that’s settled, let’s keep outdoing ourselves in the pursuit of “Stating the Obvious.”

Therefore, consider taking a minute. Maybe a lean minute, just 59 seconds. During that slice of eternity, use any of your senses to explore what’s before you right now.

Altogether, doing that five different times during one day? The results might surprise you: Find the gentle but astounding, “dearest freshness deep down things.” 

As well as the freshness right on the surface of your life. Of course.

Because living every day, you have access to all this. Even though it’s tempting to take life around you for granted, why not tickle it? Or tickle yourself, by taking those five little minutes to find new meaning.

COMMENT away, Blog-Buddies, and let us know how that goes for you.

Another Way You Can Find New Meaning?

Simply do just enough easy reflecting on your life. Hey, there’s a sweet spot for that. As if you were hitting a tennis ball with your racquet.

Pay a bit of attention, right on the surface, for five minutes a day. That’s all it takes to vanquish boredom.

When and how can you schedule that in? Only you can decide. Then follow through.

Otherwise, it’s far too easy to “measure out your life in coffee spoons.”

Your thoughts, Blog-Buddies?

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In Conclusion

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