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Spiritual But Not Religious. Christmas Poem 2021

Spiritual But Not Religious. Because your aura may be going WOW at Christmas. But that doesn’t require allegiance to any particular beliefs. Today I’m simply sharing my WOW.

Spiritual But Not Religious. Is that how YOU will celebrate this holiday season?

Then read — and hear — my Christmas Poem for 2021.

Also, through this blogpost, let’s share our wishes for the end of this year.

And maybe you’ll also describe your favorite ways of celebrating, Blog-Buddies.

Consider yourself personally invited to share, through your COMMENTS below.

Spiritual But Not Religious

Does that expression have meaning for you?

Lately I haven’t encountered it much. Yet, that’s my life on a plate!

As you may know, every year I share a “Christmas Poem” at this blog. (That is, since I began blogging in 2007.)

Always, that poem is… guess what? Spiritual But Not Religious.

This year I’ll give you the poem to read out loud for yourself. As all poetry deserves, surely.

Following that — or instead of that — you can hear me read it out loud, via the amazing technology called “audio recording.”

My Annual Christmas Poem for 2021,  Spiritual But Not Religious, Will Be…

Christmas Joy Now©


Joy is in the air, and in my eyes.

Before I tell you what this joy is like,

I’ll share with you some other Christmases

Ones that I’ve known, perhaps a bit like yours…

Magnificent, beyond lives we have now.


Of course, you too have tasted Christmas joys

Not only in this lifetime but before.

In every incarnation, joy appears

Sometimes when we are least expecting it.


The kind of Christmas joy that I’ll name here

Means new awakening into “God with us.”

In this expanding universe of ours,

More joy is heaped on more, with gaps between,

Until we – once again – can be surprised.


For me joy happened when first visiting

Within the body of my pregnant Mom.

Quite often I’d observed her and my Dad,

Observing as we angels do before

Deciding on new incarnation rides,

Connecting up to joy, vibrating peace:

Being like a bright-bright candle, flickering 

Without a human face or heart at all;

Just an eternal soul, I visited

The life scene where I’d live. My shopping trip!


My mother did the work of pregnancy

While I continued, intermittently,

To visit (and inhabit) who I’d be;

An angel trying on this human self,

Baby beginnings of an animal.

As you might step inside some jeans, except

It was no dressing room, this pregnancy.


First time, like that, within my mother, I

Turned bright-bright-bright, living an angel’s joy.

While seeing through Mom’s eyes it felt so new,

This human ride at God’s amusement park;

Feeling the bumps, having a beating heart.

Not having to propel myself quite yet!


I felt what my Mom saw, post-war New York,

The busy people in their shiny clothes.

My shiny-shiny glow saw all their hopes,

Their pain and courage, humanly so real.

And yet I also recognized these souls

Had an immortal nature like my own.

That was a Christmas of angelic joy.


By now I’ve been alive a good long time.

Yes, mostly good. Being human, on my own,

I feel life’s bumps full force, not distantly.

Like you, I never know exactly when

Another Christmas will shine up my world.


But small-sweet holidays are up to us,

A gift to give ourselves, with our free choice:

Life’s small-sweet holidays we make ourselves.


When joy is in the air now, in my eyes,

It’s the result of opening my heart.

And, in return, the greatness I receive

Turns human-sized, a bright-new sense of peace.


Copyright© 2021 by Rose Rosetree, Sterling, Virginia

Next, Have a Listen If You Like

Just in case you’re curious about the voice of somebody recording in that merry rock band called…

Spiritual But Not Religious…

Here’s my sound recording of “Christmas Joy Now.”

And Now It’s Your Turn, Blog-Buddies.

Clearly, this poem includes ideas about topics where you might have questions. For instance:

  1. How does Energy Spirituality bring perspective to you personal growth? This year, you you consider that you have progressed toward  moving into Enlightenment?
  2. What about experiencing some Spiritual Awakening in 2021? If so, have you been integrating it well? Or have you found that challenging?
  3. Some of you Blog-Buddies have enjoyed an amazing and unprecedented opportunity. Essentially, this is afforded to all who move into Age of Awakening Enlightenment: Namely, growing within Enlightenment. Any stories you wish to share would be inspiring!
  4. Of course, all your stories and questions on the topic of Enlightenment are welcome here. In addition you might have questions, related to references in this poem. Such as Life Contracts.
  5. Also, the notion of choosing our parents. (Might that seem weird to you?)
  6. Add poems of your own, of course. How lovely!
  7. Any songs or recorded readings — add them too. Simply include the mp3 file link. Or else the url of any website where you’ve published the recording. Only your material, please.

You get the idea. Now it’s your turn.

Meanwhile, as always, thanks for reading.

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