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Outgrow Age of Faith Carols. Hello, Spiritual Awakening

Outgrow Age of Faith Carols. Keep the beauty. Outgrow the outdated illusions. Sing in the Age of Awakening!

Outgrow Age of Faith Carols. For the sake of spiritual awakening!

Ring in. And then sing in… some Age of Awakening beauty, hidden within those same Christmas carols.

Keep reading here and you’ll even find instructions

For doing a sacred spiritual technique.

A rare gift to you in a blogpost! Call it a Christmas gift, if you like.

Join Me in a Counter-Culture Spiritual Adventure

Especially meaningful to those of us who are Spiritual But Not Religious.

Today I invite you to keep the good in your favorite traditional Christmas carols.

At the same time, this post will bring you discernment. What’s wrong (and limiting) about these beautiful songs?

Unless you know, you’re confusing (and limiting) your own spiritual evolution.

Writing as an Enlightenment Teacher in the Age of Awakening, yes! I’m daring to invite you to do better. So let’s take a peek under the hood. In order to empower you, spiritually.

Just in Case

Really, just in case you’re not yet familiar with these two terms.

Gone for good, with the Shift that happened a bit more than nine years ago.

Since that happens to be when you and I are living. Now and for the rest of our lives!

All that said, let’s take a fresh look at a beloved Christmas Carol.

Namely, “O Little Town of Bethlehem.”

Incidentally, the link just supplied will take you to a YouTube video, capturing a lovely performance.

Previewing What You’ll Learn in Today’s Blogpost

What is the spiritual value of a hymn or poem or Christmas carol?

During the Age of Faith

Christmas carols would stir our feelings. Enliven our memories from when, before birth, we lived in a Heaven.

Possibly, these carols might remind us of any experiences we might have had in this lifetime… Direct experiences, when we spontaneously positioned our consciousness at the Divine Vibrational Frequency. (Learn more about that and other vibrational frequencies in “The New Strong.”)

Only direct experience like this was highly unlikely, though. Mostly believers would feel a sacred emotion.

Then folks would try to fill in the gap between wishing and direct experience

Fill it in with, what else? Try harder than ever to have faith.

But Now that We’re in the Age of Awakening

Each of us has a New Vibrational Freedom of consciousness. 

Therefore, each of us is able to have direct experience at the Divine Vibrational Frequency. No longer need we settle for memories. Nor for faith-filled pretending.

Faith is optional. While direct experience is now possible.

Therefore, You’re Ready for New Perspective on Sweet Old Christmas Carols

Like This One

Since I’m an Enlightenment Teacher, not some kind of spiritual hobbyist. My intent in this blogpost is purposeful, aiming to:

  • Helping you to see what is possible and helpful
  • Versus what is outdated and not helpful at all, not in the Age of Awakening…

Are you living in the Age of Awakening, or what? Then live that way!

Let’s explore two contrasting verses from “O Little Town of Bethlehem.”

BTW, I had a hard time finding all five verses presented as such. Therefore, in this article, and some of the COMMENTS below, I’ll type out the words from one volume from the trusty collections of hymns that I have at home, “The Hymnal 1982.”

Outgrow Age of Faith Carols – Verse 1.

O little town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie!

Above thy deep and dreamless sleep the silent stars go by;

yet in they dark streets shineth the everlasting Light;

the hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight.

What to Question

Seems to me, this imagery creates a vivid picture that mixes in sacredness with everyday human experience.

Which part, exactly, could correspond to personal experience at the Divine Vibrational Frequency?

Thy deep and dreamless sleep”…

Experiencing in this way isn’t really “sleep.” But it’s not like ordinary human experience, either.

Definitely a good, creative try, during the Age of Faith.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the writer of this Christmas carol did have a moment with some direct experience of God. Replete with qualities like:

Deep, compared to anything human.

Dreamless, compared to any experiences or illusions that are human.

But What’s all Mixed up with That?

Hint: This Makes the Carol HUMANLY Relatable?

All of us have seen a town, or field — or these days, a suburban street…

Where it’s dark and wintry. Maybe it smells like snow. No traffic.

Altogether, the place does seem deep-winter still.

Also, stars can wake up our sense of wonder. (For example, see “Bigger than All the Night Sky,” Pages 115 – 118)

Next, the Hymn Throws in Something Astral, Not Divine

Here: “yet in they dark streets shineth the everlasting Light”

Granted, as an image that works. Since we can all imagine some special Divine glow.

However, I’d call this confusing.

More likely the author had an experience at an Astral Vibrational Frequency. In which case, that writer would be more likely to see some kind of light or colors.

  • By contrast, experience at the Divine Astral Vibrational Frequency is beyond all our senses. And sometimes through all our senses. (Maybe reminiscent of a certain method for researching auras. Cocreating with the Divine. Then waking up all the gifts for perception that we personally have. A full set — only not the same set for everyone.)
  • Trust me here, that’s different from experience with our senses.

Thus, the lyrics gain persuasiveness. Yet the reporting of a Divine-level experience just might be compromised. Following that…

Unfortunately-and-Confusingly, Now a Wad of Theology Gets Stirred Right into the Soup

Really, “the hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight”?

How is that an experience of God? Not.

Granted, the sentiment is pretty and pious. Accordingly, these theological words — which is what they are, when you think about what they’re supposed to mean… that passes the test for proper Age of Faith hymn writing…

Reminds me of the kind of visual puzzle many of us have played with: What doesn’t belong in this picture?

Aiming to bring clarity about spiritual experience, though?  This portion of the beloved Christmas Carol does not belong in any evocation of direct experience. It won’t bring you into the presence of God or Jesus. Nope, here we’re offered beliefs about the significance of the evening.

Stop for a minute. Because, hey! You’re no longer living in the Age of Faith.

Honestly, you’ve seen STOP signs. Ever see one with different words on it? Such as:

“In this moment, you’re at the intersection of hopes and fears throughout human history.”

For that matter, have you ever had a similar experience on your own? Of course not!

This is not the language of “Hello, God.” This reads like something you’d learn to parrot… in order to pass some theology exam. Geesh!

What to Keep.

As an Enlightenment Teacher, here’s what I recommend.

  1. Keep the sweet melody of this Christmas Carol. If you’ve memorized some of the verses, good for you. More to love!
  2. Enjoy the sentimental value. (If you have any. Sentimental feelings are irrelevant to seeking Enlightenment.)
  3. And you might even wish to hold “Town of Bethlehem” high among holiday carols. Perhaps in the manner of a pretty ornament. One that you place near the top of your Christmas tree.
  4. You could even use some — just some of this first verse — for Technique Time.

Yes, specific instructions follow.

First, Though, an Important Disclaimer

The following technique will be easy and effortless for you, provided that you’ve already learned how to allow a spiritual exploration to be effortless.

If you haven’t yet learned that, I can teach you. Quite possibly, in 2022 I will offer a workshop on Technique Time.

Meanwhile, I’ve boldly decided to make the following technique available. Boldly because some of you readers may not find it easy and effortless. In which case, stop immediately. If you can, book a session of Enlightenment Teaching with me, so that I can help you to find your way to that effortlessness.

Plenty of “spiritual techniques” aren’t very effective at all. Yet they’re so accessible, everybody who does them feels like a winner.

Although it might be advantageous to me, personally, to offer you that kind of thing instead… Absolutely not.

So enjoy what follows, if you discover that you do enjoy it. Otherwise, know that I’ll gladly coach you one-on-one.

Outgrow Age of Faith Carols by Turning SOME of Them into Technique Time

For example, start by preparing.

  1. Prepare for Technique Time in the usual, intelligent ways:
  2. Have a timepiece handy to help you keep track of how much of your 20 Daily Minutes you’re going to be using.
  3. Remove pets from the room. Close the door.
  4. Inform anybody you live with that you need privacy now. After you finish the Technique Time, you’ll come back and say “Hi.”
  5. Keep handy this line ONLY from Verse 1 of “O little town of Bethlehem”. These exact words.

“O little town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie! Above…”

Now Here’s Your Technique Time Version of “Town of Bethlehem”

Close your eyes. Invite God to be with you. (Or substitute the name of any Divine Being of your choice.)

Have you learned how to start to powerfully cocreate with the Divine?

  • Then use what you’ve learned from the how-to book, “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.”
  • Or use your Power of Command as you’ve learned it from many of the Energy Spirituality Online workshops. Such as the one at the link just provided.

Important to know: Whatever you experience counts. Don’t try for any particular outcome. Just follow the steps of this “Town of Bethlehem Technique.”

Step 1. What You’ll Do

Sit in the silence, which is there along with you right now, where you are. You might notice silence outside you or within you. Maybe you will hear this silence, or feel it, or see it. Trust that your way, this time, is just fine.

  • Open your eyes for a few seconds and read the words given previously, in red. Then close your eyes.
  • Or just remember them, and think them. Very slowly.

Step 2. How You’ll Do this Technique Time

No pressure. Follow those words wherever they lead you. You might not even finish more than one or two words. Enjoy the silence, the light, the sense of “Bigger than All the Night Sky” — whatever you happen to be noticing.

That matters most. Next, return to one or more of the words supplied here.

What doesn’t matter during this Technique Time? Any of your random thoughts.

Your unique, gentle, spontaneous experience of consciousness in the here and now. That’s the sweet spot.

For example, what happened the first time I used this “Town of Bethlehem Technique”? I never got past the word “O.”

Step 3. Continue Until Your Chosen Portion of Technique Time Is Done

Simply repeat Steps 1 and 2.

Occasionally check your Technique Time. When it’s done, stretch and then slowly open your eyes.

Well done!

Outgrow Age of Faith Carols – Other Verses of “Town of Bethlehem”?

COMMENT away, Blog-Buddies. By all means, let me know anything you wish to share about your experience of Christmas carols.

  • Or Christmas.
  • Or other religious holidays.
  • Has your perspective changed over the years?

Also, let me know if you’d like me to add Enlightenment Teaching commentary about one or more of the other verses of “Town of Bethlehem.” Just like the discernment I’ve given you here about Verse 1.

Ask nicely and I’ll be glad to oblige.

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