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Cocreation Chakra Databanks. Who’s Prayerfully Pretending?

Cocreation Chakra Databanks. Learn what to research and why. Incidentally, feel free to use your energetic literacy skills to research these chakra databanks on Enlightenment Teacher Rose Rosetree.

Cocreation Chakra Databanks

Let’s research, with energetic literacy, what goes on in the consciousness of those who have faith, who pray, or who heal… in the name of God.

Just so you know, what inspired today’s blogpost? Questions coming in at yesterday’s article, “Cocreate with God Easy-Peasy.”

Why Research these Cocreation Chakra Databanks?

Basically, my work includes helping people as an Enlightenment Teacher. In that sense I’m a colleague of those who teach religion, meditation, yoga, prayer, and other allied ways that folks seek the sacred.

In order to support yesterday’s blogpost, I’m publishing this quickly-written article. Because it can teach a lot to explore the consciousness of different folks who are teaming up with God. Some of these teachers being public figures with popular YouTube videos.

More About the WHY

Here is an array of chakra databanks that I’ve developed in order to bring clarity.

It won’t give us all the answers about the consequences of prayer, etc.

However, it’s worth considering:

Are the well-meaning practitioners of Age of Faith methods

Doing as well in their consciousness as those who have learned Age of Awakening Skills?

Specifically, I’m curious about the auras of those who actively team up with the Divine. Let’s research.

And About the HOW

Here’s background info about this kind of research:

  1. It only counts as a sweet beginning, doing Stage 1 Energetic Literacy
  2. Doing Stage 2 Energetic Literacy represents a significant improvement, skill-wise.
  3. However, until you learn to do Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, uh-oh! Aura readings won’t be especially dependable. Stage 3 is where you start reading chakra databanks.
  4. Incidentally, the three previous links will take you to short YouTube videos. And they can quickly teach you a lot of useful info about Energetic Literacy.
  5. In case it’s useful to know, I stopped counting skill levels several years ago. Back then I was at Stage 21 Energetic Literacy. Here’s a little chart to illustrate what’s involved with that.
  6. Chakra databanks are the most informative source of info in your aura. 
  7. At least, informative if you care about emotional growth, spiritual awakening. Which is what Energy Spirituality is all about.
  8. You really can learn how to read chakra databanks. Here are five reasons why.

Without further ado, here’s our array of chakra databanks for researching auras of those who team up with God.

Cocreation Chakra Databanks 1.

Root Chakra Databank for Connecting to Objective Reality

Important because cocreation with God works best when a person lives in this world. Not a dream world.

For example, when somebody tries to connect with the Divine in order to solve problems. Maybe it matters if that person mainly lives in a little bubble of belief. Rather than making contact with objective reality!

Last year I did a related research project with aura reading 199 lawmakers in Congress. Essentially, I was wondering, what kind of world were these folks living in?

Cocreation Chakra Databanks 2.

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Honesty

Unless a person is honest, inwardly, how can that person have the standing to cocreate with God?

According to what I’ve researched in thousands of aura readings, honesty counts. Integrity shows in auras, clear as day.

Note: That previous link takes you to hundred, not thousands, of samples. Doing energetic literacy research takes time. And it takes even more time to create blogposts with detailed research. Over the years, I’m managed to do quite a few.

For comparison, see how many other Enlightenment Teachers are publishing detailed research into consciousness by reading chakra databanks. 

Yes indeed, chakra databanks reveal what’s going on with a person’s consciousness.

Of course, God can tell that easily. For us humans, reading chakra databanks is the best I can do. Especially when doing this with Skilled Empath Merge. But regular energetic literacy skills work fine for all practical purposes.

One of the 10 trademarks of Energy Spirituality takes this even further. Providing Consciousness POSITIONING Consults for Clients.

Cocreation-Helpful Chakra Databanks 3.

Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

When public Christians, or others, put on a show… will it impress God?

Might it matter to God if those preachers and healers have the habit of telling the truth? Yep, truth-telling is what this chakra databank shows.

Other arrays of chakra databanks:

Cocreation Chakra Databanks 4.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Receiving Spiritual Help During Conflict

Like all your 1,000+ chakra databanks, this one is only about you — the person.

No chakra databank guarantees that we achieve anything.

However, this particular chakra databank can give beautiful validation of spiritual progress.

As in the timeless saying, “First deserve, then desire.”

Cocreation-Helpful Chakra Databanks 5.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

What, you thought this chakra databank would be called, “Where the rubber meets the road? When you’re driving over to God’s house???”

Whichever imagery you prefer, learning effective skills for cocreating with God: This helps us do well with this chakra databank. As a teacher, I’ve seen this happen with my students. For instance, regarding all the current members of the Energy Spirituality Experts community? By now they’re all in Spiritual Enlightenment.

Of course, none of us started out that way. But years of learning skills for cocreating with the Divine have helped us a lot.

Okay, blogpost complete. Now back to “Cocreate with God Easy-Peasy.”

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