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Age Of Aquarius + Vision Board 2022

Age Of Aquarius + Vision Board 2022

If you’ve considered joining the Age Of Aquarius Community, now you have an additional reason to join us: from January 6th to January 9th we will host a live Vision Board 2022 Challenge in our community forum!

What Is Age Of Aquarius?

Age Of Aquarius is a community for astrology lovers around the world.

The Age Of Aquarius Community has two pillars, I) Content, and II), Community.

I) Content – every month you get access to astrology forecasts and tarot readings for your ascendant sign, New Moon ceremonies, live Zoom call meetings with other members, astrology training, and more!

When you join, you get instant access to hundreds of hours of high-quality astrology content in the form of training, workshops, and webinars.

II) Community – our community forum is a great place to learn astrology, practice your chart reading skills, and make new friends.

Unlike other astrology groups, the Age Of Aquarius forum is very active – in the 1st year of existence our members created more than 1,000 different threads and generated tens of thousands of comments! In the community forum, you always get your questions answered and there is a genuine sense of friendship and inclusion.

Age Of Aquarius – What Members Say

On December 21st, 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn aligned at 0° Aquarius, our lovely Age Of Aquarius (AoA) Community was born.

The intention was to bring together astrology enthusiasts around the world who share Age Of Aquarius’ ideals of inclusiveness, love for astrology, and love for another.

… 1 year later, we are totally blown away by the beautiful discussions and friendships that have been created, and this is just the beginning! These are just some of the things our members shared about their experience.

Lisa: “Age Of Aquarius is the MOST BRILLIANT model ever! Inclusion, networking, knowledge, love. Who could ask for more?!? And, to witness how it has taken hold, rooted, and grown, and how it generates enthusiasm and excitement will be an honor of my lifetime. As we witness each other in our evolutionary growth, we learn from, glean from, and benefit from so much energy. The Universe smiles upon this group and brings forth so much.”

Peter: “I took a plunge when entering this group, as I have really only used computers for work and for communicating with close friends. Here I discovered that I have close friends everywhere, which fits my personal philosophy of love and friendship, but brings me closer to realising my imagined world where people of all sorts can be at peace and learn to love each other for who they are.

Like a good hippie, I imagined more a rural community than an electronic one, but this year, I have found that growth is such a wide and all embracing term, much like the word Love. Something beyond the confines of the group itself. The stars, Planets and the gods are also in this .com unity. Together with you all I have been able to share something of myself and to transform being held lovingly. Beyond my imagination I have learnt so much. Astrology has become much more to me now through all of your stories, reflections and teachings.”

Ruta: “We are called to evolve and move away from vertical structures, top-down approach and culture, to a more horizontal one, where everyone has a voice, there is a space for that voice to express itself, without any judgement.

Well the Age Of Aquarius is that and so much more! I feel like I can go forward and back, up and down, any direction I want, to find monthly commentaries, new moon ceremonies, and participate in community calls. There’s no hierarchy. No seniority. No timeline. No judgement. I have full freedom and it’s my responsibility to figure out and act on what my heart desires.

I’m so grateful to be able to witness and participate in the creation of the new way of operating and being a part of the community.”

Age Of Aquarius + BONUS: Vision Board 2022

Join us now to get instant access to all Age Of Aquarius resources, the Community forum plus the special joining bonus – the Vision Board 2022 Challenge!

As you may know, Jupiter conjunct Neptune is the highlight of 2022. Anything – absolutely anything – is possible under the magic beams of Jupiter and Neptune.

But it all starts with a grand vision. To make the most out of this magical transit we want not only to dream big, but also to commit to our vision.

Over this 3-day Vision Board challenge, you will get instructions on how to collect personalized images for your vision board, in alignment with your natal chart.

We will have daily threads with video instructions, and once your vision board is completed, you can share it with others in the forum.

At the end of the challenge, we will have a Zoom Get-together with our Vision Boarding experts where you will get further guidance on how to make the best of the visioning process. You can join us live, or watch the recording.

If you want to join the Vision Board challenge, make sure you become an Age Of Aquarius member before we start on January 6th, 2022.

The 1st year of membership is non-refundable, and if you don’t want to continue, you can easily cancel your membership from your profile settings.

The Age Of Aquarius Community + Vision Board 2022 challenge special offer expires on January 6th, 2022 – this is when we start the 2022 Vision Board Challenge!

Learn more about the Age Of Aquarius Community and join with the special offer here:


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