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Raphael Warnock Cheek + Jan. 2022 Newsletter Announcement

Raphael Warnock Cheek Face Reading. Be inspired!

Raphael Warnock Cheek Face Reading — the Newest Power of Face Reading.

Because today’s post is the culmination of our recent contest. Big fun!

First of All, What IS this Newest Power of Face Reading?

Juicy details await you at “Matt Groening Cheek.” 

And I do recommend you click at that link. In order to learn about the Newest Power of Face Reading, which is our major treat at today’s blogpost.

In addition — as you’ll learn if you scroll down past this special face reading — woo-hoo! Also, today’s blogpost announces what’s coming up at the end of this week — release of the January 2022 issue of the monthly Energy Spirituality Newsletter.

Also, COMMENTS will be part of our festivity here, of course. Be sure to add yours.

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Of Course, I’m Delighted to Honor Senator Warnock

By researching the inner significance of his right cheek.

Raphael Warnock Cheek research isn’t cheeky but a quest to understand him better. Like every single book and article I’ve written on the topic of the system called Face Reading Secrets®.

Instead, It’s Special Treat Time.

Here’s Your Advanced Face Reading of Senator Raphael Warnock’s Right Cheek

Definitely click on this next link. So you can see the photograph I’ll be using as a basis for researching the fascinating Matt Groening (Right) Cheek.

I’ll be telling the story of Raphael’s power style in career. Now, at the time of the photo.

  • In case you’re wondering, I’ll start at the inside edge. (That is, close to his nose.) Which reveals much about how his personal power activities start within him.
  • And then I’ll work my way over to the outer edge. (That is, veering toward the right side of his face.) Which reveals secrets about how Senator Warnock reaches out into society, aiming to accomplish his goals.

 At the Start of this Raphael Warnock Cheek

Where a strong muscle starts.

Maybe you can spot this right away:

  • How the cheek muscle near the RIGHT side of Warnock’s nose, hello!
  • That’s significantly stronger, larger, more 3-D developed.
  • Compared with that on the cheek we’re not researching here, the LEFT Raphael Warnock Cheek

For this Servant Leader, How Actions Begin

Ideas, ideals, and especially inspiration: These impel Raphael Warnock to take action, moving him more powerfully than anything else.

He’ll dispatch the everyday duties, and do his best at this, but inwardly he’s very clear. Everyday chores are the small things. He’s here on this Earth to serve God and humanity; he’s here to do his best to help make big things happen.

The term “Servant Leader” comes to mind.

Toward the MIDDLE of Raphael Warnock’s Right Cheek

Conflicts come up; they always do. Raphael’s job is to keep going, and not let the naysayers stop him. Heaven knows, he tries really hard not to judge the selfishness, prejudice; the downright ugliness.

Both as a minister and now a senator, this man is startled again and again. How can people choose wrongness? Why do they turn toward cruelty?

In terms of his own experience of life, Raphael may have the occasional petty moment, but he has never gloried in hatred. And he’s never said no to the truth when it’s been revealed to him.

For the life of him he can’t understand them: In politics especially he keeps encountering these strange people who keep choosing wrongness. Or else making themselves blank inside (as if they could hide from God)?

They’re a mystery to Raphael Warnock.

He prays a lot. Often it feels as though he’s not strong enough, as though his heart will break.

Then the strength comes through him. As a result he picks himself up and keeps doing his job.

It’s as Though the Muscle Tone Is Transforming

That Is, the Muscle at the MIDDLE of Raphael’s Warnock’s Right Cheek

At the time of this photo, he’s a brand new senator.

Incidentally, before I get back to the face reading details, this would be useful to know.

Warnock has served as senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta since 2005. That’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.‘s former congregation,

Now Back to Reading the MIDDLE of Raphael’s Warnock’s Cheek

What keeps him going? That changes. Sometimes it’s the faces of people who’ve spoken with him, the faces of people in need.

When he listens to them, it feels to him like a sacred promise. Not that he would say that aloud. Within him, he resolves to do what he can to help.

It’s a fine line between pushing for justice and allowing himself to hate. Raphael trusts in God to help him to always, always walk in the right side of that line.

Regarding the FINAL THIRD of Raphael’s Warnock’s Cheek

Relatively speaking, this last part of a project is the easiest. Rev. Warnock follows through, finishing what he’s started. At least he finishes as much as he can.

Letting the rest go? Turning it over to God. So many times that’s a terrible struggle, and some of those times Raphael can’t really turn it all over, but he lets go of what he can.

Communication helps. Communicating with different people has become pretty easy for him; especially how he lets the naysayers do what they’re going to do, and he’s learned not to push. Maintaining. Persevering. These are what can help, in the end.

Keeping busy with that? The slowness and monotony can come as a relief, actually.

And when victories are won, it helps that Raphael Warnock never undertook a big thing that wasn’t for the glory of God. Due to that, Raphael knows who deserve honor, and that isn’t him, particularly. So he can celebrate with others just enough, and then await his next project. One’s always coming.

To Learn More about Raphael Warnock’s Face

Back at our Face Reading Contest — with 29 prizes awarded in total — I researched three items of Senator Warnock’s face data.

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