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Love Horoscope for the Week of March 28

Love Horoscope for the Week of March 28

If you are a regular reader here, you’ve noticed that in the last two or three weeks I’ve seemed a little pessimistic about the current state of romance in general. Venus has been taking a few hits lately, and that rarely helps love and affection get off the ground or thrive. This week, however, starts with a Venus aspect that may (at first) sound like bad news, but may not be at all.

On Monday, Venus conjunct Saturn is exact. Now, before you stomp off all disappointed and swear you won’t come back until Venus gets her act together, please hear me out. You may think of Venus and Saturn (or anything and Saturn) as being a problematic placement, and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. Saturn can come with great rewards when it comes to building solidity, sturdiness, and general “realness.” And as much as we all love Venus, it could use some of those qualities. Venus may rule “affection,” but Saturn rules the spine. Venus needs one of those, some days.

I should also note that in Vedic astrology, planets have “friends” and “enemies.” In theory, a conjunction between two planets that are enemies will give you worse results than a conjunction between two friends or two neutrals. In Vedic astrology, Venus and Saturn are actually considered to be “great friends”: each one provides the other with exactly what they need to be at their best. And now doesn’t that sound like a good relationship to you? It sure does to me.

Having said that, both planets are in Aquarius, which Saturn traditionally rules. So in the event of a tie between Venus and Saturn, Saturn gets the tie-breaking vote. Ouch.

So: think of this week’s romantic forecast as giving you a great opportunity to either shore things up in a relationship that has been strained, to make love and affection more practical, or even to summon the firmness to dismiss a relationship that needs to leave (and do so in a humane manner).

Now that you’ve weeded the garden, what’s next? We could all use a chance to reboot something or other in our lives. Nothing represents that timing in astrology better than a New Moon. And on Friday, we are presented with the gift of a New Moon in Aries. What better time to start something new and exciting? Or, if needed, new and reliable? Either way: set out your intentions and make it so.