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Love Horoscope for the Week of April 11

Love Horoscope for the Week of April 11

The week is bookended with two aspects that could do wonders for your human relations… and not just romantic partners, either. Have you taken a good look at the state of the world lately? Don’t make me start yelling about, “Why can’t we all just get along,” okay?

Seriously though: on Monday an aspect is exact which has been building for a good couple of weeks now. I’m referring to Jupiter conjunct Neptune. Prepare yourself for spiritual outbursts, expressions of mysticism, and extra-long line-ups at your local bar. Mostly, though, to me this conjunction is an opportunity for us to be better people both to ourselves and each other. This is especially true when you consider the next big trick Jupiter has up its sleeve…

Not only is this a fairly rare astrological event (because both planets rule Neptune by traditional and/or modern rulers), but what’s even rarer is the boost it gives to another aspect that was hiding under our noses this whole time. You see, the whole time Saturn conjunct Pluto and then Saturn square Uranus were kicking over tables and breaking chairs in the last couple of years, Neptune sextile Pluto has been slowly and lazily bobbing in and out of orb to each other.

Once Jupiter has finished the conjunction with Neptune, it will continue on carrying that energy until it makes the exact sextile to Pluto in a month or so. Take a moment to think about which House of your birth chart Pluto is in. What areas of your life have been ground up and resurfaced since late 2008? You might be getting some serious healing from this transit.

I think this could well be the start of some great times for many of us, and possibly the world in general. Or maybe the reckless optimism that comes with this conjunction is already kicking in for me. I guess we’ll see…

On Thursday, Mars enters Pisces. You’ll see some good things out there about this placement, and a lot of things regarding moodiness and pouting when this Mars placement occurs. Me, personally? Given how many crappy transits Mars got in Aquarius, I think we should be quietly grateful for Mars in Pisces.

Or: maybe you’re one of those people who thrives more in chaos than on wide-eyed wonderment. For you, I have good news! On Saturday, we all get to bask in the light of a Full Moon in Libra. Full Moons can always feel a little edgy, and with the whole “relationship sign” Libra gets hung with, be cautious with your partners just to be safe.

Finally, on Sunday, Mercury sextile Venus is exact. As transits go, it’s kind of a lightweight — but it’s a great time to write a love letter. Try it!