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Phone Addiction and YouTube Addiction Show in Auras

Guess what? Phone Addiction isn’t so pretty. Not when this (reversible) problem creeps into a person’s aura.

Phone Addiction and YouTube Addiction — or simply overuse — are problems that you can overcome.

Despite being hidden problems, make no mistake. These kinds of over-dependence can gradually cripple your natural ability to pay attention: Sucking the joy out of your relationships, your job, or your life. So learn what you can do to turn this around.

Seriously? How Your Little Phone Become a Big Problem?

Subtly — yet cumulatively — dependence on mobile phones, watching YouTube, and the like? Ugh! You can find warnings by the millions.

Honestly, though, much of what you read online can sound remote, theoretical, clinical.

By contrast, this article brings a uniquely human perspective, from Energy Spirituality. Keep reading and you’ll learn what auras reveal about this unnecessary kind of dependency. Also, you’ll discover how small changes to your lifestyle can protect you.

Protect You From What Exactly?

Unintentionally stalling your personal growth, that’s what. And/or plateauing in your emotional growth.

Likewise, missing out on spiritual evolution. Despite, perhaps being a big believer in spiritual awakening. Or, even, aiming for Spiritual Enlightenment.

Unless you have developed good skills for reading chakra databanks, can you tell when your ability to think and learn have been slowing down-down-down? Unfortunately not.

Instead millions of folks are engaged in a sort of frog boiling experiment. Only this version involves incremental dullness, compromising the quintessential human ability to pay attention to people around you.

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Glued to Your iPhone?

Phone Addiction IS a Common Problem

Click on that Google link just provided and you’ll find over 59 MILLION hits.

Although you may have suspected that this problem was a big deal… Yet perhaps you thought it could never happen to you. Well, at that previous link you can find many excellent, thoughtful articles. Including helpful ideas for stopping that kind of addiction.

“Using a cell phone while driving creates enormous potential for deaths and injuries on U.S. roads. In 2020, 3,142 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers.”

Below you’ll find a different approach to solving this problem. Including vivid specifics. How can phone overuse show at the level of your aura, your deeply personal chakra databanks?

Second, Addiction to YouTube Videos Can Dumb People Down

Sure, YouTube addiction is a thing. Witness 94,800,000 hits at the link just provided. But really, where’s the harm?

Oboy! Don’t you like being smart? Then protect that.

For instance, see Pages 69 – 149 in “Reader, Come Home” by Maryanne Wolf.

Mostly Though,

I’d Like to Share What I’ve Noticed at Aura Level

You see, I bring an unusual perspective to problems with attention. Neither a brain researcher nor a psychologist nor a neuroscientist! But I am the founder of Energy Spirituality. Since this is an emerging specialty, I lack the clout of being a neuroscientist, etc. Likewise, I lack establishment credentials. Hence the need for the following…

Formal Disclaimer: Right from the first line of this blogpost I offered the term “Overuse.” Meaning that as an alternative to calling this prob necessariliy an “Addiction.”

If any of you reading this article suffers from a true addiction, your problems like outside my scope of practice. However, Energy Spirituality can help those of you with a milder problem: Overuse of your mobile phone. Overuse of YouTube entertainment.

Technically Speaking… How this Article Can — and Can’t — Help You

Yes, I may be able to help you solve overuse problems. First, thanks to what you read in this article. Supplemented by links to this blog. Second, some of you may trust me enough to book a personal session. Where I could help you further.

In general, I’m electing to use “addiction” terminology to make it easier for you to find this article. Since “Overuse of Mobile Phones” isn’t where most folks are searching on this general topic. But really I’m talking about overuse.

All That Said, What Gives Me the Standing to Share the Information that Follows?

Skills matter. Regarding my background, professional expertise, accumulated over decades includes:

  1. Using depth skills of Energetic Literacy to research how my clients are doing in their consciousness.
  2. Facilitating  client sessions of Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING. As a result, helping many clients to overcome bad habits with spontaneously paying attention to others… and themselves.
  3. Leading the way to systematic discernment regarding patterns of paying attention. Even helping folks to use their full potential in life. Quite opposite to folks giving themselves what psychologists would term an “attention disorder.”

Now for the Juicy Part. How Phone Addiction Shows in Auras

Lately I’ve been finding an alarming new problem with consciousness lifestyles. Namely, patterns with how people are walking around with messed-up variations on “Human-Based Spirituality.”

Basically, here’s the deal. Self-actualizing people — some of them are unknowingly losing their connection to objective reality. 

Fortunately, this damage can be reversed. Definitely take action immediately. I urge you to make it a priority.

Start right away, and insist upon overcoming any of these electronic dependencies..

An Example of Phone and YouTube Addiction. Aura-Level.

Picture me, starting a session of Energy Spirituality Aura Reading with Sam. (Details that follow are altered to honor confidentiality.)

When asked, Sam tells me he’d like some Soul Thrill® Aura Research. Since he’s in search of a new hobby.

As usual, I set up the session, such as cocreating with Sam’s choice of Divine Being. Also, as usual, session setup includes a Skilled Empath Merge. Super-quickly, this informs me about how Sam is doing: Whether or not a significant problem has developed in my client’s aura.

This time around, what I find alarms me. Graciously, wisely, Sam allows me to help him to start solving this problem. So that’s what we do in the rest of his session.

So What’s the Prob? What Alarmed Me?

Sure, I could use the language of chakra databanks. However, wouldn’t you prefer for me to put it in plain English?

Sam’s aura was mostly dead. Akin to a plant that hadn’t been watered for a long time. Like, barely clinging to life.

More specifically:

  • Overall SIZE of one chakra databank after another: Barely a few inches. Rather than 15 to 40 feet, each. (Ordinarily, that would have been a normal size for Sam on that day.)
  • Overall QUALITY of one chakra databank after another: Curiously blank, listless, whatevery.
  • Absent were Sam’s characteristic intelligence, vibrant connection to life, adorable-and-quirky individuality.
  • Even his most defining characteristic, subconsciously and energetically, was gone: Apparently vanished was Sam’s huge love of God. Also seemingly gone was his spiritual seeking.
  • Always before, Sam had been striving to grow. Now he was more like energetically sedated, numb.

To be clear, over the years I have helped other Energy Spirituality clients overcome some degree of phone overuse, etc. Nothing like this, though. In my experience, this degree of aura-level mess was new. Wow!

Yet I’m confident that Sam received help for overcoming this overuse. I do look forward to having another session with him in six weeks or so, and together celebrating his results. Meanwhile…

Immediately, Some of My Fellow Geeks at this Blog May Have a Burning Question

How Does This Mess Differ from OTHER Aura-Level Probs?

Namely, this IS different from similar-seeming problems that I’ve written about previously, here at this Energy Spirituality Blog. Sadly, this quality of mess from phone overuse is new. And very upsetting.

But sure. Without even trying I can think of half a dozen related problems.

Each of these other problems has its own distinctive name. And each problem shows up differently, at aura level. Moreover, that problem gives rise to different human-type difficulties.

In human terms, these six other problems are unique. All these problems dectract from a person’s “ability to pay attention.”

Now I’ve got a new one to add to my personal list: Phone and YouTube Overuse.

Interestingly, each of these other problems has it’s own distinctive name, too. Moreover, each type of problem shows up differently, at aura level. Regarding quality of life, that problem gives rise to specific patterns of human-type limitations.

Important to note: In my experience, each of these six other problems has a solution. I’d call it a distinctive kind of Energy Spirituality assistance, which could help the client to solve that problem. (And has often succeeded, in my experience. Not always. But often.)

Anybody want to COMMENT below about these problems? Might you have an idea of what these Healing Centerpieces are called? Or you might simply ask me to summarize what each one is. Also how it is different from the topic of this blogpost. 

Next, Finally! The Practical Part

If you have a fairly mild problem with electronic toy overuse, the following steps may be all you need. I hope so.

HOW Can We Overcome Phone And YouTube Overuse?

Step #1. Acknowledge the Problem

Is it possible that you are overusing your mobile phone? Or watching too many YouTube videos? Or constantly playing something in the background?

Take that seriously. As a problem. Avoid waiting until big drama threatens your quality of life.

Please, give the following steps a chance to help you, starting now.

Step #2. Educate Yourself about Your Normal, Natural Flow of Consciousness

At this Energy Spirituality Blog, a recent article is designed to help you to reclaim your own mind: “Trust Your Flow of Consciousness. Stop Fancy Dancing“. Also, you’ll find some useful COMMENT exchanges there.

Of course, none of this will help you if you skim-read. Whenever you read this blog, or a book, or other material worth thinking about…

Slow down and use the other speed you know for reading. Thoughtful reading.

  • Skim-reading works fine on Twitter.
  • But you have an older set of skills for reading. Remember what you learned in school for thoughtful, unhurried reading?
  • That. Use that. Unhurried reading, as appropriate, can help you to stop rushing so fast thatit’s unsustainable.

What if your habits of reading have been compromised? Like, you only skim-read. And you haven’t read a print book in ages.

Quite often, that’s related to excessive use of electronic entertainment.

Yet you can resolve to regain your ability to slow-read. And also to think on your own.

What can help you? COMMENT below and ask.

How about any solutions and workarounds that you’ve used on your own? Please share them below.

Step #3. Cut Way-Way Down on Using Your Mobile Phone

Decrease your daily love affair with that cell.

  • Each morning, live for at least three hours before you turn on your mobile phone.
  • Limit yourself to 1 hour daily, all in one go, using your mobile phone. Even better, do just 15-30 minutes.
  • Banish YouTube completely. Because you really can live without it.


Depending on how far gone you are now, regarding overuse of the “mobile pacifier”…

*It’s possible that you’ll find, “I couldn’t stop reaching for my phone.”

In that case, seek professional help. Choose a mental health professional. Or choose an Energy Spirituality expert.

Further, might I suggest? Avoid using hypnosis to solve this problem. Don’t meditate extra, either. For Heaven’s sake! Approaches like these can only exacerbate problems with paying attention in ordinary ways to ordinary life.

In Conclusion

Thanks for reading all the way through to the end.

Now you’ve been warned about a new way to detach from life. Halt your emotional growth. Stall any spiritual awakening.

Likely, if you’re having this prob, it has developed gradually, without your knowing anything is wrong.

Please share this article with any friends who might find it helpful.

In addition, ask your questions below. Such as what?

  1. What if you’re an introvert? Does that mean you’re doomed to meet your social needs through your phone and/or YouTube?
  2. Do empaths typically have trouble with their flow of attention? For instance, would an empath benefit from self-isolating as much as possible? Due to other people being too distracting, attention-wise.
  3. Maybe you grew up with TV always playing in the background. Where’s the harm in doing that? And isn’t YouTube a lot like today’s television, only cooler?
  4. What if you feel as though you absolutely must have entertainment in the background? Otherwise you’d feel lonely.
  5. Really, which questions come to mind for you, Blog-Buddies?

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