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Love Horoscope for the Week of May 23

Love Horoscope for the Week of May 23

If you like your love life filled with thrills, cheers, car crashes, and explosions, you’re going to love this week!

The emphasis is largely on Mars, which is about to leave the warm and comforting confines of Pisces and head into Aries, which is the Sign that Mars rules. When you combine this with the fact that Jupiter is also in Aries, this means that the planets ruling the sex drive and committed relationships are both impatient and ready to roll at the drop of a hat. Is there a way to make that work for your particular relationship status and/or lifestyle? Oh, probably. But you know, it’s Aries… so if you don’t like it, you better learn how to adapt anyway.

On Monday, right before Mars leaves Pisces, it makes the sextile to Mercury. This will make for bold communications of your wants and needs. This could mean overcoming your shyness to address someone you have shown a long-term interest in or simply sending a raunchy late-night text message. Either way, Aries approves.

On Tuesday, Mars enters Aries. This marks the beginning of a time when energy levels should tend to be higher, sexual impulses more impulsive, and you’ll generally be wanting to get out and make things happen. Tuesday is a particular challenge this way because later in the day the Moon enters Aries and is then conjunct Jupiter. Settle down there, buddy!

Mercury trine Pluto is exact on Wednesday. That makes for some powerful ability to cut through the nonsense with some logic and well-thought-out communications. Just keep in mind that Mercury is still retrograde. So “well thought out communications” are going to be more of a challenge than usual.

On Friday, Venus in the late degrees of Aries completes the square to Pluto. If you thought Venus in Aries was sufficiently demanding about getting its needs met in the first place, just wait until you add the square to Pluto. Be careful, when you’re playing your hand, not to overplay it. A little sweetness and light can go a long way, but dumping too much sugar on a situation could kill a diabetic. Be cautious with this energy.

Finally, if the entire romantic weather forecast for this week has been a little too rambunctious for your tastes, keep in mind that on Saturday Venus enters Taurus. This is a naturally powerful placement for attraction and sweetness and romance. And it can really balance out all that demanding Aries energy going around. This is especially true given that on Sunday, Mars is conjunct Jupiter in Aries. You better hang on to all the sweetness and light you can, even with Venus in Taurus. This week’s relationship weather looks to be a little stormy… hopefully in a good way.