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Love Horoscope for the Week of June 6

Love Horoscope for the Week of June 6

When it comes to the pursuit of romance, or achieving your goals, or even getting off the couch, you need your Mars. Mars conjunct Jupiter may technically be over, but Mars never takes a day off. It’s still in Aries. This means that Mars (although strong in the sign that it rules) is drifting to a point where it’s not going to be receiving any major aspects from any other planets, except for the occasional hit from the passing Moon. This can be a difficult energy to manage. An uncontained Mars can lead to a lot of surprises and intense action. It can also lead to a few people literally or figuratively driving off a cliff. So let’s be careful out there with our actions and our emotions. To summarize: there are going to be a lot of people out there this week (yourself included, maybe) acting like unsupervised toddlers.

Venus is in a somewhat similar situation in Taurus. Once again like Mars, Venus is strong because it is in a sign that it rules and once again it is relatively untethered by aspects to other planets. So when you consider that Venus and Mars (which are the two planets most associated with romantic pursuits) are out there on their separate joyrides, you might expect some unusual results from your love life. Don’t panic though: sometimes unusual is good news. Sometimes it’s not. In either case, keep a close eye on your diet and your budget. As much as Venus loves to be in love, it also loves overspending and eating too many donuts.

This brings us to what for many will be the astrological elephant in the room this week. Saturn has just recently turned retrograde in Aquarius. Although a major event like this is a big, long and slow transit not normally mentioned within the context of a weekly horoscope, for many of you, this is still going to be very significant. But before you panic, there are two considerations to be made…

First of all, many people get a little scared when it comes to anything having to do with Saturn or a retrograde. Although Saturn retrograde might make it a little more difficult than usual to get something solid and permanent started, it is far from being the only event I’m considering when I’m looking at the rest of the year: Saturn will be drifting close to the square once more with Uranus in Taurus. Although it won’t be exact, it will come within a couple of degrees of the exact square late in the year, which means that much of the remainder of 2022 will be a big sloppy mess like 2021. But the good news here is that at least this time around we stand a better chance of building something better out of the wreckage. Amen!