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Sexual Empowerment Chakra Databanks. A Feminist Array

Sexual Empowerment Chakra Databanks. This new array of chakra databanks can help us to track antiabortion consequences in states like Texas.

Sexual Empowerment Chakra Databanks. This new array of chakra databanks can help us to track antiabortion consequences in states like Texas.

These 10 chakra databanks, in particular, will be of interest to those of you who care about women. To be clear I designed this array to assess what happens to certain American women. Specifically, those of us who lose access to reproductive choice.

During a previous, equally disgraceful era in American history, ouch! We had free states and slave states.

Now, what? If the Supreme Court follows up on its leaked opinion about overturning 50 years of legal abortion?

Quite likely we’re begining another disgraceful era in American history. Only this one will be about  “reproductive free states” and “reproductive slave states.”

Or, as I prefer to put it, sexual free states and sexual slave states.

Already Texas is beginning this loathsome experiment. Complete with vigilante punishment for anybody who defends real, live, women’s reproductive rights.

What Are Arrays of Chakra Databanks?

Eventually you can expect arrays of chakra databanks to be a household word. So practical!

Essential reading for anyone with decent skills of literacy.

That is, skills of energetic literacy.

Living now, in the Age of Awakening, these skills complement the OTHER literacy, word literacy.

Find background info about chakra databank arrays... Plus  inspiration, at the link just provided.

As you read, might I suggest? Make note of your reactions and questions. After reading, COMMENT below.

Sexual Empowerment Chakra Databanks #1.

Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

This chakra databank provides a kind of energetic summary about selfhood.

Who does a woman think she is:

  • When alone
  • When men are in the room with her
  • Or when she learns about a friend who has become pregnant. And now, whether that friend is poor or rich, her freedom is at risk.

Chakra databanks change moment by moment. Any photograph that’s suitable for reading auras will reveal the field effect of destroying reproductive rights.

Incidentally, what do I mean by “the field effect of destroying reproductive rights”?

If you’re wondering, COMMENT below and ask.

Sexual Empowerment Chakra Databanks #2.

Belly Chakra Databank for Enjoying Sex

Obviously, perhaps, this chakra databank isn’t only data rich… At the time while a woman or man is engaged in a sexual encounter.

Instead, all of your 1,000+ chakra databanks function all the time. Including this one.

Reminds me of the strings of a piano. Even when somebody isn’t touching the keys, hello! Certain people with highly developed clairaudience can walk into a room with a piano.

And still be able to hear all the strings simultaneously. Able to tell whether or not that piano’s in tune. While nobody’s playing that piano. Since the strings vibrate, even if most human beings cannot hear.

I’ve known one person who could hear whether uplayed piano were in tune. And hear that automatically, without trying! She mentioned that it in this interview.

As you’ll learn if you read this article, Janet Mentgen was extraordinarily talented. Yet the founder of Healing Touch didn’t think of herself as special. Rather, she thought it was normal to be able to see X-rays of people’s bones whenever she peeked. Etc.

Sexual Empowerment Chakra Databanks #3.

Belly Chakra Databank for Trusting My Flow of Energy

Many kinds of energy flow through you right now. This chakra databank reveals how, in general, these energy flows are doing.

Why include this particular chakra databank in our array? Because sexual energy is one of those kinds of energy.

Given the cruel experiment being done to millions of American women, hello!

Whatever beliefs lead people to legislate sexual slave states into existence… Consequences flow. Of that, thoughtful people can be sure.

Sexual Empowerment Chakra Databanks #4.

Belly Chakra Databank for Sexual Intimacy

Exactly what is the impact on women when abortion becomes criminal? Even during consensual sex, can it really be just for pleasure?

In order to assess the impact of living in a sexual slave state, sure! Voting matters. Political activism matters. Facts, horrible facts will emerge.

Besides all that, this consciousness engineer anticipates significant stifling of sexual intimacy for women. Much as I’d rather not be in a position to research this field effect, five years or more into abortion being illegal in reproductive slave states…

At least I can do my part to research what happens to women subconsciously and energetically. For example, at this chakra databank.

Sexual Empowerment Chakra Databanks #5.

Belly Chakra Databank for Sexual Self-Esteem

Possibly sexual self-esteem might get even weirder for American women living in Sperm Worshiper States. Let’s track that, shall we?

Sexual Empowerment Chakra Databanks #6.

Belly Chakra Databank for Spontaneous Self-Expression (In Life)

Assuming that you’re female and puberty has begun, a certain self-consciousness arises.

  • “Boys are looking at me.” That’s how it can start.
  • Later, more sexual self-consciousness can grow.

But that’s under normal circumstances, such as American women have enjoyed over the past half century, post-Roe v. Wade.

Small-minded opponents of women, like Amy Coney Barrett, can understand the impact on women with larger minds. 

But if you’re deeply human enough to be reading this blogpost, whether male or female, you can understand. Being female means being vulnerable to sexual assault. Even though this violence happens to men also, they still can’t get pregnant from it.

No wonder, many (or most) women are aware that, without provocation, we may be treated like sex objects. Or worse. (Incidentally, the odious article at the last link contains many truths. As well as ideas that I find disgusting, insulting, and white privilegey. You may too.)

Fear of Sexual Assault Lurks in Many Women

For example, I’ve never been raped. Nor have I had an abortion. (Not in this lifetime, anyway.)

Yet I still take care whenever I walk outdoors. Or invite a man into my home. Much as I’ve loved camping, I would never go camping alone, etc.

Despite really-really liking men on the whole — and loving a whole lot of them — I’m no fool about rape. We women are vulnerable. And not because we’re “asking for it.

What would it mean to be female and fertile, living now in a state like Texas? Inwardly will women start continually crossing their legs, as it were?

Seems to me, there could definitely be impact on spontaneity in life. For that reason, you bet, I’m including this Belly Chakra Databank in our new array.

Sexual Empowerment Chakra Databanks #7.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Dressing to Gain Positive Attention from Others

Thank you, Governor Abbott, for sucking all the joy out of fashion. (With his usual degree of social irresponsibility, Greg Abbott promised to “eliminate rape in Texas.” Curious how well he’s been doing with that?)

Yes, this Solar Plexus Chakra Databank will be interesting to track over time.

Sexual Empowerment Chakra Databanks #8.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Trusting Myself

Victims of sexual assault often blame themselves. Likewise victims of incest can feel guilty. As well as just plain confused.

Yet all that trauma may be teensy, compared to pregnant girls unable to get an abortion.

Living in that kind of society, living in a sexual slave state, won’t have any impact whatsoever on a woman’s trust of people. Or trust of life. Or even trusting herself.
As if! You bet, I’m including this general self-trust chakra databank in our array.

Sexual Empowerment Chakra Databanks #9.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Using Power

Undoubtedly you’ve heard it before. Rape isn’t only about sex. Nor even mostly about sex.

In reality, sexual assault is more likely to involve power and dominance.

If you think the #MeToo Movement has put an end to sexual predators? What if they took over the government in your state? What if they took away a woman’s control over her own body, regarding pregnancy.

Look, antiabortion zealots may talk the talk of religion. But they walk the walk of cruelty to women.

For sure, I’m going to be monitoring what happens to this first power-related chakra databank in our array.

You don’t have to be a psychic — I’m not — to expect what? Expect there to be a field effect on power for women in reproductive slave states.

Sexual Empowerment Chakra Databanks #10.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Sharing Power

Maybe you guessed, this will be our second power-related chakra databank in this array.

Will women do BETTER at sharing power with others, under reproductive slavery?

Chakra databanks always tell the truth. Sadly, we’ll be finding out, won’t we?

In Conclusion

Look, today’s blogpost is far more political than our usual articles here.

But how can I not bring my skills with energetic literacy to this turning point in American political life? What’s the point of founding so many leading-edge related to Energy Spirituality™ ... If I can’t bring them to bear on a moral-and-personal crisis that has already begun in Texas?

Please share this article with friends who might find it interesting. Including your more politically minded friends. You don’t have to know (or care) much about aura anything to benefit from this article.

Definitely feel free to COMMENT below. Just remember our basic standard for civility here at this, my personal blog.

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