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Deeper Perception on the January 6 Hearings

Deeper Perception on the January 6 Hearings. Take a good, clear look.

Today I’m launching a series of articles, for fresh insights on the seditionists, the key players. Starting on the day or two after each of the televised hearings. Continuing intermittently until they’re all wrapped up.

WHY Deeper Perception on the January 6 Hearings?

Not My Usual Way to Blog. But This Is Historic

Maybe some of you Blog-Buddies are old enough to have watched the televised Watergate Hearings.

Personally, I’m old enough. But I didn’t watch a single minute. Nor did I read anything in newspapers.

Not me, back in the day.

You see, I was proudly “not political.” Since I believed the only thing that could make America better was Transcendental Meditation.

So wrong!

Actually, since then I’ve developed the body of work known as Energy Spirituality™. Including aura reading, arrays of chakra databanks, Skilled Empath Merges, Consciousness Positioning® Consults and much, much more.

Deeper Perception on the January 6 Hearings. Join Me.

Even If You’re Not “Political”… Follow this Historic Report

That’s my advice, anyway. Don’t let today’s historic events pass you by. Don’t be too busy for this.

I find the topic of the insurrection to be so important. Frighteningly important.

Given that I’m one of those who believe that the events of January 6, last year, “were just a dress rehearsal.”

Quoting Fiona Hill, who has the clarity of living in Spiritual Enlightenment.

Voting matters. Paying attention matters.

Therefore, I’m foregoing my regular monthly newsletter for June 2022. Also letting go our next Monday blogpost.

Instead, I’ll provide something every day. A slant on the news that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere.

Deeper Perception on the January 6 Hearings… Can Help You Learn from All This

Meanwhile, Feel Free to Share Your Thoughts

Comment below.

Important note: Please, do not ask me to read anybody’s aura. I’ll choose which folks I’m going to research, thank you very much.

However, you may have many observations to share. Facts. Links to videos and newspaper articles.

During Watergate, I was a clueless non-bystander. As if a president’s high crimes and misdemeanors could never matter to me.

Seems to me now, Trump’s many ways to overturn the 2020 election, including the attack on our Capitol… All of that is far worse. This much is already evident to anybody who follows news from newspapers of record and other trustworthy sources, like USA Today and National Public Radio. But there’s far more to make public.

This is one resource you may find convenient.

Starting today, these hearings are being televised nationally. Tonight, then next week.

I’m curious to publish YOUR thoughts on all this. See ya here, and at all the little blogposts that will follow in this series.


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