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Love Horoscope for the Week of June 13

Love Horoscope for the Week of June 13

One of the great things about astrology is that it can help you get an incredibly accurate handle on yourself and others, and give you a good sense of what is coming up in the future. Unfortunately for astrologers, life is also very complicated — and within the context of a general weekly horoscope, it’s not possible to predict every possible thing that could be happening to everyone individually. And that is particularly the case this week because I’ll be honest with you: it’s confusing. When it comes to romance, astrologically speaking, we naturally look to the placements of Venus and Mars. Neither one of those planets is particularly reined in very well this week. Venus (which is the more romantic and gentle receptive part of the romance equation) is in Taurus. That’s a good place for it to be — nice and strong. Unfortunately, Venus is also not particularly aspected by any other planets. This week, other than the occasional hit from the transiting Moon, that makes Venus a bit of a wild card…. especially when you consider the last major aspect she had was a conjunction to Uranus, which is pretty much by definition an “astrological wild card.”

Meanwhile, Mars (the more active and aggressive side of the pursuit of love) is in a similar situation. Mars is still making its way through Aries, which it rules. All else being equal, that makes for strong drives. But once again, Mars is not up against any major aspects, either helping or hurting it. So when you put the Venus and Mars situations together, it would appear that as far as romance and socializing goes, it’s going to be a challenging and relatively unpredictable week. Yes, even by the usual standards. Fortunately, there are a couple of other astrological events this week that will give us a bit of a guidepost as to handle things with others.

If there are any current issues between you and a loved one, keep in mind that often keeping the lines of communication open is the key to making things better. That should be easier this week because Mercury enters Gemini on Monday, which will allow us to reach out with more and clearer thoughts.

Tuesday brings us a Full Moon in Sagittarius. This is in fact what is called a Super Moon. Technically, that’s when the Moon is both Full and in the part of its orbit where it is closest to Earth. It’s bigger, brighter and more impressive than the average Full Moon. And in my experience, it can lead to mood disruptions. More than the average Full Moon — and you have to admit the average Full Moon does enough of that already. But at least it will be a big, bright, pretty Moon. That ought to count for something, right…?