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Help the Jan 6 Hearings to TREND. 3 Tips

Help the Jan. 6 Hearings TREND. HOW can you help? WHAT can you do?

Find out how you can help the Jan. 6 Hearings to trend. Since you can make a difference. Today and every day during these historic hearings.

First of All, Thanks for a Terrific Question

Recently, HOLLY asked an important question. That is, important to every person who cares about American Democracy prevailing at this time of Trump’s Big Lie.

She asked:“For every person who watches these hearings,

The uncovered facts will be a little more sticky in Collective Consciousness,


Close, but no cigar. Which inspired today’s blogpost on how we can effectively support the January 6 Committee Hearings.

Disclaimer: I’m no SEO expert. Any more than I’m a political expert. However, I have learned some skills for Search Engine Optimization. And I’m going to share those with you. Especially since right now it’s hard to find “Most Popular Hashtags on Twitter for the Jan6Hearings.

Blog-Buddies, by all means: COMMENT below with your knowledge, your tips.

This evening, in COMMENTS, I’ll be giving specific answers to expand upon “Close, but no cigar.” Meanwhile this blogpost is dedicated to supplying tips to help all of us take effective action.

All of us are living on earth. And not in some Hollywood movie. We can’t expect the truth to win all by itself.

Second, a Sacred Parable that You May Not Know

Socially, what could be more important than honor? Action???

Maybe we can go for both. In which case, here’s a religious parable that you may not know. Technically it’s not called a parable but a purana. Since this wasn’t a Teaching Tale from Jesus Christ in the New Testament. Rather, I read this in the Srimad Bhavatam, a collection of stories about the incarnation of Lord Krishna.

Thus, the story: When Krisna was living in Brindiban, the big mountain in the vicinity was Mt. Meru. One day it started to fall over, threatening catastrophe for the village.

  • Villagers grabbed sticks. Then each villager held up a stick to prop up the mountain.
  • Krishna helped too. He used his (Divinely powered) arm to prop up that mountain.
  • Together they saved the village.

This story has inspired me ever since I read it some 50 years ago. Because this is my takeaway:

Even when God is helping, we humans must do our part.

Differently put, when something is important to do? Don’t just pray. Get skills, then use them.

Third, What Are the January 6 Committee Hearings?

Your best resource for info is the official website of the Select Committee to Investigate. 

Investigate what? The January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol.

My blog isn’t generally political. This is the Energy Spirituality™ Blog.

Overall, my goal is to help people like you with emotional growth and spiritual awakening.

Using energy skills that work now, in the Age of Awakening.

But I’ve also been blogging on the Insurrection Hearings. Below, in our comments, you’ll find links to my articles so far.

Why Does Your Help Matter So Much?

Maybe you didn’t live through the Watergate Hearings, but I did. President Nixon’s high crimes and misdemeanors weren’t nearly as awful as what Trump has done. Although Nixon’s coverup and skulduggery were the worst our nation had seen to date, coming from the Oval Office.

Millions watched those hearings. Even diehard Republicans turned against Tricky Dick Nixon. Enough damning facts became public knowledge for the divided country to pull together. And famously, Nixon eventually resigned.

Sadly, This Parallel Hearing Takes Place in a Different Era

Unless you live in a cave, you know how divided our voters now are. Maybe some of us have nightmares about Fox so-called “News.” Others of us consider Rupert Murdoch’s outlet to be a waking nightmare.

But How Can We Get Enough People to Pay Attention?

Help the Jan. 6 Hearings to penetrate the Fox News bubble. Encourage MAGA believers to learn the truth! (And by this I sure don’t mean Trump’s “Truth Social.”)

You can help significantly by taking five minutes a day. Then, using the tips in this article, help the Jan 6th Committee Hearings to TREND.

Of course, there’s plenty more you can do. Such as important political acts of:

  1. Political volunteering.
  2. Voting in every election, voting downballot.
  3. Making your voice heard in local politics, like schoolboard electoins.
  4. Donating to candidates like Raphael Warnock.
  5. Calling your government representatives.

So You Do Want to Help? Thank You.

Lately I’ve taken off so much time from my priority projects at work. Blogging on this uncharacteristic topic of the January 6 Select Committee Hearings.

 Keep reading and you’ll see how you can make a historic difference. In just minutes a day!

Instead of taking hours daily to create blogpost and monitor comments, what can you do? Important volunteer work that takes far less time. As in using these 3 tips to help the Jan 6 Hearings to trend.

Help the Jan 6 Hearings TREND. Tip 1.

Become SEO Yummy

What are the most popular hashtags on Twitter for the #January 6 Select Committee Hearings?

Although I couldn’t find anything quickly from a Google search, I’ve put together this little list. Using this website about Twitter SEO.

Based on yesterday’s tweets, at the most active times of day, how many tweets per hour?

Use These Phrases, these Hashtags

January6 (no hashtag) is trending this morning. Sure, one could use #January6. But the following might be better phrases to use right now:

  1. #January6thCommitteeHearings — 260 tweets/hour
  2. #Jan 6 — 80 tweets/hour
  3. #Jan6Hearings — 70 tweets/hour
  4. #Jan6SelectCommittee — 60 tweets/hour
  5. #January6Hearings — 40 tweets/hour

By contrast, Loudermilk has 51,100 tweets right now. As I’m preparing this blogpost. (Deservedly so, but that rascal won’t be Twitter famous that long. Social media are crazy-fickle.)

Use THESE Highest Ranking Phrases OFF Twitter As Well

Search engines will pick up on that language, whenever you use it on social media. For instance, now on Google:

  1. January 6th Committee Hearings  45,600,000 hits
  2. Jan 6 Hearings47,500,000 hits
  3. Jan 6 Select Committee 358,000 hits
  4. January 6 Hearings 15,300,000 hits

Millions, for most of these four. Pretty good. But we need more interest. Every time you put high-ranking phrases online, they count.

For example, how does “Sports” do on Google this morning? 7,530,000,000 hits.

7 1/2 BILLION for Sports. Versus only 47 1/2 MILLION for Jan 6 Hearings.

Folks, let’s not let American democracy fall… while we play Trivial Pursuit.

Help the Jan 6 Hearings TREND. Tip 2. Don’t Get Cute with Search Terms

All of us ARE cute.

Of course, we want to express ourselves. But if you seek to make the Committee hearings trend, go with the cliches.

They’ll have more impact in “Collective Consciousness.”

Help the Jan 6 Hearings TREND. Tip 3. Actively USE these terms.

Why just LIKE when you can also add a COMMENT.

For example, on Facebook, it’s a little bit helpful if you LIKE a post, such as this one from me.

Much more helpful? SHARE or RETWEET, or the equivalent on your favorite platform.

Even more-more helpful? Add a little comment and include one of those TREND terms. For instance:

  • I agree with what you wrote about the January 6th Committee Hearings.
  • Truth. Everyone, watch hearings from the Jan 6 Select Committee.

Hey, your comments don’t have to take a long time to compose. Nor need they sound like Shakespeare.

Regardless, Google is counting.

Now It’s Your Turn to Help the Jan 6 Hearings TREND

Will you dare to share this post?

And below, be sure to add your questions, your experiences. Especially since it’s so easy to COMMENT below.

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