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Rusty Bowers INTEGRITY. Jan. 6th Committee

Rusty Bowers INTEGRITY. Turns out, when President, Trump worked very hard to START the Steal.

Rusty Bowers INTEGRITY research. And why?

Today’s post celebrates the FOURTH Jan. 6th Committee Hearing. Come share your reactions to those shocking revelations. Plus one that may boggle your mind. And be new to you. (Obviously relevant will be our first blog comment below.)

Trump’s relentless, illegal pressure to Steal the Election. To Start and Continue the Steal!

Never to stop any steal. Unless you equate a sore loser’s perspective with, literally: “I been robbed.”

Specifically Trump’s stealing campaign was It: The subject of the latest Jan. 6th Committee Hearing. And was it ever a doozy!

Important to realize, new revelations have emerged from every one of these hearings. Yet, to me, this Congressional Committee Hearing #4 took the cake. How about you?

To Be Sure, You’re Invited to Share Your Reactions

Personally, by now I’m convinced there was an actual Trump Coup Conspiracy. Headed by Trump himself. Including relentless pressure that he applied at both federal and state levels.

Compelling evidence emerging, one hearing at a time. Seamlessly presented by the bipartisan January 6th Committee. Complete with live testimony and such dignified (yet moving) witnesses. Of course, it’s not too late to watch a livestream on YouTube.

But what if you don’t have the time or the bandwidth to watch these historic hearings?

Important to note, you can make use of resources like the following. Blog-Buddies, in minutes you can get up to speed on the latest.

So Many Relatable Details!

Altogether, man oh man, do we have a lot to comment about in today’s blogpost! For example:

  1. Continuing to build on one foundational fact, established in the previous January 6th Committee Hearings: Trump knew The Big Lie was a lie.
  2. The moving account of what happened to Rusty Bowers, Arizona Secretary of State. (More on this to come in today’s aura reading.)
  3. Trump was directly involved in the fake electors plan.
  4. G.O.P. elected officials pushed the electors scheme.
  5. Threats and intimidation started well before Jan. 6. Ruining lives, such as the harassment of Georgia election worker Shaye Moss. Plus her mother. And also her grandmother.
  6. Long-term committed election workers in Georgia have quit. (Elsewhere too? One wonders about the loss for American voters.)

Most Moving to Me was Rusty Bowers’s Tale of Valor

Indeed, Secretary of State Bowers brought me close to tears. Often Rusty’s eyes were brimming over as he described Trump’s pressure campaign for him to throw the Arizona election.

For today’s blogpost, I’ll do an aura reading. Using the INTEGRITY Array of Chakra Databanks. (Sure, read about them at the link just provided.)

And for extra understanding about what the heck this means, Array of Chakra Databanks? You might find this additional blogpost illuminating.

Quickly you’ll learn enough to appreciate this Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.  For  instance, how it is definitely possible to read auras from photos and screenshots?

By all means, join me in this research. We’ll explore subconscious and astral-level energies of the Rusty Bowers. Up against Trump’s pressure campaign, he would not break his Oath of Office.

Exploring Brave Mr. Bowers’s Integrity Chakra Databanks

For today’s article, I’ll be using a screenshot from the January 6th Committee Hearing. While the Arizona Secretary of State is testifying as one of the witnesses. (Video is paused at 0:06.)

For this aura reading, I’ve selected 7 of the original 10 chakra databanks in the full array. An 8th chakra databank is an addition. Since Bowers is such a devout man of faith, I couldn’t resist.

(See my initial COMMENTS below and you may learn a surprising aspect of Rusty’s loyalty.)

Rusty Bowers INTEGRITY#1.

Root Chakra Databank for Connection to Objective Reality

Symbolic Size

3 inches. (Especially small; close to shut down at the time of this screenshot.)


“Reality” as Rusty lives it, is a combo of religious tests, theological beliefs, spiritual interpretations of every teeniest action or choice.

  • Like a Talumdic scholar.
  • Or a top-tier Jesuit.
  • Just about every religion has its professional intellectuals, its theological leaders.

Rose Comments

In view of Rusty’s quality at this chakra databank, hello! A breakfast would never be just breakfast. Quite likely Rusty would find important spiritual meaning in every bite. Perhaps adding Bible verses to illustrate…

Seriously, the dedication is admirable. Such commitment, the degree to which Mr. Bowers is living for God!

Rusty Bowers INTEGRITY#2.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Power Integrity

Symbolic Size

1/2 inch. (Almost completely shut down, at the time of this photo.)


Evidently Rusty Bowers aims for “Let Thy will be done.” Generally he tries to get out of the way of initiating action.

Rose Comments

Although, from a human perspective, that surrender might seem curious in an elected politician. Such as Secretary of State for Arizona. (Or any state.) Given America’s separation of church and state, the first clause in our Bill of Rights.

Nonetheless, this makes total sense to me. You see, I wouldn’t find it surprising if Rusty undertook this high office for the glory of God. Period.

Rusty Bowers INTEGRITY#3.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Sharing Power 

Symbolic Size

1 inch. (Extremely close to shut down, at the time of the photo.)


Tight-fisted. Austere. Likely, he doesn’t share much when it comes to, “Who is the decision maker around here?”

Rose Comments

All-loving, seeking all goodness: That’s this sweet-but-austere man so far.

Yet, as I delve into his chakra databanks, oops! In addition, I have the sense that Rusty is a fierce micromanager. Unless somebody impresses him with having equal piety and expertise in religion, why trust that person to implicate HIM in a choice?

Actually, why have I added today’s Integrity Databank #8 to this particular profile of Mr. Bowers? I sense that fear of Hell is an everyday factor in how he assesses situations. Perhaps he doesn’t like sharing power too much… because he “takes responsibility” for preventing other folks from eternal Damnation. As well as himself.

(Be that as it may, you might enjoy reading related questions from Blog-Buddy SENN. Concerning a person’s choice, ultimately, to feel responsible for another person’s free will decisions. Comments #4030 – 4036 over at our Karma Conversation.)

Rusty Bowers INTEGRITY#4.

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Honesty

Symbolic Size

1/2 inch. (Almost completely shut down, at the time of this photo.l)


Surrendered to the point of numbness.

Rose Comments

Apparently Rusty has tried so very hard, for so many years, to let God’s will be done….

In his terms he’s succeeded. Blanking out much of his humanity! Certainly that’s evident at this chakra databank.

Since he can’t even be honest with himself about how he feels, subconsciously.

Religious purity is a higher priority for him, in this highly educational lifetime.

On a Related Note

  1. In my experience with clients during the form of past-life regression I used to do before the Pandemic.
  2. And may well offer again. Just not yet…
  3. Souls who incarnate into lifetimes here at Earth School often fall into what seems so wonderful to them…
  4. Yet during the Life Review after that lifetime, ouch! That soul learns that this “beautiful thing” has served as a “failed experiment.”
  5. Ultimately educational? Sure. Involving a high truth value? Quite the opposite.

Rusty Bowers INTEGRITY#5.

Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

Symbolic Size

1 inch. (Nearly shut down, at the time of this video.)


Lying isn’t the problem. Over-scrupulousness is:

Think first. Weigh the theological correctness. Then speak.

Rose Comments

Put into some earthy imagery, Bowers’ natural flow of truthful speech is way constipated.

Note: I remember at some point during the Fourth Jan. 6th Committee Hearing, Rusty described his wife as “quiet.”

I wonder if she shares his religious values, his total committment. I wonder if Mrs. Bowers would often say a sentence that hadn’t first been self-censored for spiritual correctness.

Rusty Bowers INTEGRITY#6.

Right Elbow Chakra Databank for Handling Criticism at Work

Pretty darned relevant to being on the receiving end of Trump’s pressure campaign!

Symbolic Size

80 feet. (Somewhat large.)


If criticized or threatened, Rusty Bowers takes on the aspect of an avenging angel. He will NOT let the work that he does for God be criticized.

Rose Comments

Loving God takes innumerable forms. To other people, one’s private scrupulousness and self-sacrificing virtue… can seem just plain mean.

Rusty’s version reminds me of how, in his memoir, James Joyce describes driving his soul daily through an increasing circle of works of supererogation. Quite a harsh way to live!

Rusty Bowers INTEGRITY#7.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Integrity

Symbolic Size

1/2 inch. (Almost completely shut down.)


Obedience matters to Rusty Bowers. Surrender and doing what he is “supposed” to do.

By comparision, one can only develop integrity by making choices. Namely, personal choices. Free will choices. Human choices, as part of a human lifetime.

Rose Comments

During his testimony at the Hearing, when I watched Rusty Bowers talk about his faith, I was so moved.

By now I appreciate that his All-In love of God is quite different from mine.

Rusty Bowers INTEGRITY#8.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. (Completely flat-lining, at the time of this video image.)


I smell the stench of Hell-Fear, at least as strongly as I feel any joy at connecting to God. And remember, this chakra databank is about connecting to God.

Rose Comments

Maybe it goes without saying. What happens when somebody believes in a stern religion with Hell as a consequence for disobedience?

Rusty Bowers may consciously believe in a God of Love. But at the subconscous level of this chakra databank, God is harsh and punitive.

Could be, Bowers would consider it the ultimate compliment to describe somebody as a “Good, God-Fearing Christian.” Would you, Blog-Buddies?

Now It’s Your Turn, Folks

Your thoughts, please. COMMENT below.

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