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Vanquish Imposter Syndrome. Energy Spirituality Newsletter

Vanquish Imposter Syndrome is one problem you never need to have. Unless you choose to believe in it. And then worry about it.

So many problems in life are real. But this article will help you to question the validity of Imposter Syndrome, which may be more away of flattering people than genuinely helping them.

Gain perspective that includes both Energy Spirituality ENERGY READING, Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING, and common sense.

First of All, Let’s Acknowledge the Problem

In Collective Consciousness — and Google — Imposter Syndrome Is a Very Big Problem Indeed

Witness so many hits on “Imposter Syndrome.” Wanna guess how many?

Scroll down to our COMMENTS and find an answer. Useful thing to do anyway, getting comfortable with our COMMENTS section. So you can start adding your own thoughts, stories, opinions. Thus, you can help keep this Energy Spirituality Blog juicy.

Hint: Exactly how many results for googling “Imposter Syndrome”? More than you’ll find by googling How to Deal with Imposter Syndrome. Since that turns up “only” 11,500,000 hits.

To Vanquish Imposter Syndrome, start by Defining the Scary Thing

According to an article, last year, from the Harvard Business Review — and btw, please note the source. The Business Review publication from one of America’s top business schools:

Imposter syndrome is loosely defined as “doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud.” Disproportionately this affects high-achieving people, who find it difficult to accept their accomplishments. Many question whether they’re deserving of accolades.

Must folks be accepted at a highly competitive graduate program before they can claim imposter syndrome? Of course not.

Actually, it’s a fact that the American Psychological Association, and the public at large, have enthusiastically embraced the diagnosis. As though Imposter Syndrome were worthy worrying about.

Definitely comment below if you know of somebody without much in the way of either talent or skills.

Somebody who isn’t high-achieving at all. Yet that person claims to be stuck due to Imposter Syndrome.

Hey, no need to rile anyone up. Simply refer to the people in your example(s) as either Sam or Gladys.

Unable to Vanquish Imposter Syndrome Feelings? Really?

Besides this blogpost, I’m devoting the next issue of Energy Spirituality™ Newsletter to this topic.

  • I believe I can help you to start solving that problem, if you have it.
  • Maybe also give you some talking points for when your friends start complaining about this.


What will you find in the July 2022 issue of Reading Life Deeper?

  1. Imposter Syndrome Doesn’t Have to Be a Big Deal for YOU
  2. What Does Energy Spirituality AURA READING Reveal about Imposter Syndrome?
  3. How Can Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING Help to Vanquish Imposter Syndrome?
  4. Solutions from an Enlightenment Teacher
  5. Best of the Blog

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Because “Deeper Perception Made Practical” can help us to productively question perspective from anyone, right?

Be Bold. Read. Then Decide for Yourself

Because you have the right to question the idea that imposter syndrome is a widespread problem.

Despite how seriously it’s taken by so-important American Psychological Association. Notably, their cover story entitled “Feel like a fraud?”

Although published in 2013, this article still ranks on the first page of results for a current Google search on Imposter Syndrome.”

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In Conclusion, for Now

Have you ever questioned when people start complaining about “My imposter syndrome”?

Already, in this blogpost, you may have developed some useful skepticism. Despite the impact in Collective Consciousness of all the serious references to this important-sounding term. Encouraged by some mental health professionals. And even encouraged by the American Psychological Association (APA). Geesh!

For just one example of something freaky weird, when you think about it: So many who complain about imposter syndrome aren’t high achievers at all.

Witness, well over a million hits at that link just provided. Where I googled “aspiring author + imposter syndrome.”

Clearly many-many people are suffering. But does it help that they’re diagnosing themselves with the mental health problem called “imposter syndrome”? Maybe one step toward helping… could be: Question the absurdity of this approach.

What if I wake up very late one morning?

Feeling disgusted that it’s already noon, I console myself with the thought: “It’s so sad, how I’m suffering from Frustrated Skateboarder’s Syndrome.”

When I don’t even own a skateboard.

Let Our Comment Conversations Begin. Hey, I’ve Even Got an Optional Assignment for You

Click on that “Imposter Syndrome” article from the APA. Or other popular articles on this topic, actually.

Find a quote you strongly agree with — or disagree with. Maybe make one up, like: “It’s hard to find space on my trophy shelf for all those accolades. Even the thought of winning all those accolades… keeps me from doing anything. Poor me.”

Put that into a COMMENT. Just be sure to supply the url of the article you’re quoting.

I’ll gladly respond.

The More You Comment, the More All of Us Will Learn

Blog-Buddies, COMMENT below to ask any questions you like. Or share your opinion. Possible topics include:

  1. Are empaths doomed to suffer from Imposter Syndrome?
  2. Is it fair for people who haven’t had any significant success to claim that they’re suffering from Imposter Syndrome?
  3. What do you, personally, think when you encounter people who expect special treatment. And why? Supposedly they are victims of Imposter Syndrome.

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