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The different ways astrology has influenced pop culture

Modern horoscopes and astrology started becoming popular after the introduction of a horoscope section in a daily newspaper. Now, with the advent of personal computers and the rise of social media, it has become entrenched in popular culture. For some people, astrology defines their day-to-day activities and important decisions, while for others it’s just a form of fun. Moreover, corporations are now using it for marketing purposes. For instance, fashion brands are hosting Zodiac-themed events to help customers find their personal styles based on their signs.

Astrology in Newspapers

The Sunday Express published its first newspaper horoscope in 1930. It was Princess Margaret’s birth horoscope. The idea became so popular that magazines and newspapers made it a regular feature for the years to come. The explanations in this section were broad enough to target a wide section of society and specific enough to resonate with most individuals. In order to keep things interesting, the horoscopes needed to evolve. That’s why R. H. Naylor, the man who introduced horoscopes for newspapers, also introduced the idea of star signs.

Astrology on Instagram

Horoscopes have always been popular in the newspapers; however, newspapers are not as popular anymore. Now it’s social media who has filled that spot so it’s no surprise why Instagram accounts related to astrology and horoscopes have become so popular. Most of these accounts have more than 2 million followers and some of these accounts are linked to Astro-apps. They also provide Zodiac information in a way that is easy for every reader to understand. Other accounts are popular because of the astrology inspired memes that have meaning to them as well as being fun to read.

Famous Actors and their Star Signs

Once upon a time star signs were used to explain personality traits, but now the names of famous actors are used to assign a personality to that star sign. Here are some examples: to explain Aries, just name Emma Watson and Lady Gaga. For Gemini, name Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman. Ariana Grande and Princess Diana are famous Cancers. Jennifer Lopez and Barack Obama are famous Leo personalities. Paul Walker is a famous Virgo and Will Smith is a well-known Libra. Some Scorpio celebrities include Leonardo DiCaprio and Anne Hathaway. Popular Sagittarius names are Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj. A couple famous Capricorns would include Elvis Presley and Tiger Woods. And for Aquarius we would have Oprah Winfrey, Christian Bale, and Bob Marley.

Matchmaking astrology

Kundli matching or matchmaking astrology is very popular in India and has been for many centuries. In Hindu scriptures, Horoscope matching is very important. This requires a complete analysis of birth charts before matchmaking can be finalized but it gives a lot of information to the couple to be, and it helps them understand their prospects after marriage. This matchmaking astrology is not only famous in India but also in other parts of the world, except it takes different names. Elite families take matchmaking astrology into special consideration as the fortunes of the entire house could depend upon the success of that marriage.

Travelling and astrology

Just like determining other things, astrology can tell us the right destination and the right time to travel. It’s usually the Moon what controls travel horoscopes. Different magazines publish travel horoscopes monthly or yearly, they guide people of each star sign as to what the best travel destination for them would be. These predictions are based on individual traits and lunar alignment. Travelling is an important decision in life and not all travelling is for pleasure. So, most people who don’t consult horoscopes for day-to-day activities sometimes do consult travelling astrology. You could also use travel astrology to decide whether to travel to a casino or play Book of Dead in Ireland from home.

Songs about astrology

Many songs about astrology have become popular because of the field itself. ‘No matter what sign you are’ is a song recorded by Diana Ross and the Supremes. Another famous song related to astrology is ‘signs’ by Beyoncé, in it she talks about feelings related to people of different Zodiac signs. Albert King released ‘Born under a bad sign’ in 1967 and the artist himself said that astrology was getting big then thus he thought that the idea might work.


Today astrology is becoming more and more popular. Astrology gives hope that things are soon going to change, and people like to cling to that. Others follow their horoscopes to boost their motivation and to help them achieve more. How much horoscopes are accurate is not a concern for most of the people who consult them. There are very few who would want to consult an astrologist personally or would try to understand their stars themselves. In any case, the influence of astrology on pop culture is very widespread!