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Manipulating your Spiritual Energy allows you to manipulate your temperature. : Psychic

During cold days, I would start the energy flow up then down and in seconds my body would heat up. 

Those days where I do put in the effort to activate my whole energetic(spiritual) body the cold weather doesn’t affect me for hours.

At first, I could only maintain a small energetic flow for a few seconds. After research/experience, I learned how to reconnect my whole spiritual body to be able to feel it’s energy everywhere and I gained the capacity to maintain it for hours with highly noticeable residual effects lasting 24hours.

We all can easily access and get a grip on this spiritual energy. When activated on its own, it causes goosebumps on us, which, is a blessing in disguise to help you direct and enhance your energy.


Because Goosebumps also* activate from positive situations/stimulis (like memories, inspiration, music, love, gratitude, meditation) a euphoric surge of flowing energy, that can be observed as a hot or cold wave flowing underneath your skin which then allows you to understand how to consciously bring it back up with a “healing/blissful/feel good” touch to it. 

That is your spiritual energy.

It comes from your Spiritual (energetic) Body/your Mind/Consciousness/Awareness.

Different terms from all over the world for it are Euphoria, Tension, Chi, Prana, Ecstasy, Qi, Vayus, Aura, Tummo, Mana, Frisson, Life force, Holy Spirit, Pitī, Rapture, Ruah, Ether, Nephesch, Chills, The Force, ASMR, Nen, Spiritual Energy and Spiritual Chills.

Here’s a Youtube video with instructions to be able to feel it on your whole body for long durations.

A Playlist with other videos expanding more on the subject

And a reddit community r/Spiritualchills where you can find experiences and tips on it.