Sunday, September 25News Written in the Stars

Psychic abilities via Astral Projection

I’ve noticed that I’m starting to get more premonitions about things and within a pretty short timespan, they end up coming true. Even things I casually think about or daydream about turn out to have been more like glimpses of the future than random thoughts :0

At work, I was thinking about a movie I saw a few years ago and this one character who really annoyed me. Then later that day, a coworker was showing me this game on his phone where you guess the movie based off of a few images from scenes. And guess what movie the game showed him? The one I had been thinking of that morning. One of the images the game showed even had the character I disliked. It’s obviously not a big deal but it is fun!

Another example is that during my commute this morning, I listened to a song on repeat. The title of the song reflects a world event that happened today but the song is from the eighties. As I was listening to it, I jokingly thought about the title of the song coming true (The Queen is Dead by the Smiths). Just less than an hour ago, a coworker announced that the queen did die today.

I’ve always been having moments like this where what I thought was a daydream ends up happening. However, for a long time, I’ve felt really disconnected from the universe so this is a really nice change.

I don’t think I’m special for any of this and I do realize how minor all of this is. It’s just everyday stuff that isn’t consequential but I do find it encouraging and it makes me want to develop my abilities even more.