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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On September 20, 2022

We may run into a few hitches today and depending on how harsh those hitches may be, we could run ourselves ragged over the circumstances of this day, September 20, 2022.

If things don’t work out and we get hints of that right at the beginning, we can attribute our lack of fortune to the Moon opposite Pluto or the universe’s private trouble-making transit.

Always available, always trouble.

Moon opposite Pluto isn’t that obvious though; it’s not as if we will see an obstacle and allow ourselves to be put off by it, no.

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Today we ARE the obstacle, and we really won’t see that coming. Today is all about certain zodiac signs knowing that they are the only person for the job, while the rest of the world laughs at us for even trying.

Today brings us haughty arrogance mixed with blind naïveté. Between the two, we should be first-class fools by day’s end.

This transit could put us in a bad mood, or one where we feel sorry for ourselves.

This kind of pity party will no doubt offend someone else, as today will have us being in the company of those who have no tolerance for people like us. We are the weak link today.