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You can feel euphoric on-demand with your goosebumps : alchemy

For me, feeling this became possible, after clearing my energetic pathways.

Commanding this energetic flow of natural ecstasy and making it appear whenever and wherever I willed it became easier. I can even make one limb flow with this energy and that limb gets covered in Goosebumps.

What does goosebumps have to do with it?

This ecstatic energy I’m talking about is present underneath your skin when you get goosebumps from positive stimuli.

Everyone can do this but not everyone is aware that there is some sort of energy current flowing when they get goosebumps. This is your spiritual energy that comes from your energetic (spiritual) body.

Before you start replying that goosebumps are only a physical reaction and there is no such thing as an energy underneath it or that it isn’t spiritual.

Consider this. 

There are numerous data out there from the Indian culture, under the term ” Vyana Vayu ” about how through the conscious and unconscious usage of this energy one of the physical reactions that will occur is goosebumps.

This energy is what we activate when goosebumps also appear.

Getting goosebumps is nothing compared to the euphoric feeling you can feel over your whole body or the positive benefits that gaining control of your spiritual energy can bring you.

Different terms from all over the world for it are Euphoria, Tension, Ecstasy, Qi, Chi, Prana, Vayus, Aura, Tummo, Orgone, Kriyas, Mana, Life force, Pitī, Frisson, The Secret Fire, Voluntary Piloerection, Rapture, Ruah, Ether, Nephesch, Chills, ASMR, Nen, Spiritual Energy, The Force, Spiritual Chills and many more.

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