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The Ideal Honeymoon Destination Based on Your Zodiac Sign

It’s time to set your worries aside and daydream a little bit about your future wedding and the most special time afterwards – the honeymoon. With so many choices and so many challenges, it’s only natural to not know how to pick the right one. People will advise you on trying different things, such as going in a faraway land and explore its ancient history or find a safe haven in one of the world’s most popular holiday resorts or even trying some extreme adventures like bungee jumping or sky diving. But, are these things suitable to your character? And what better way to check this out rather than to consult with the stars and the planets? Here is what your zodiac sign says about your honeymoon destination.

Aries: A Trekking Adventure

Aries people love adventure. They have lots of energy and enthusiasm and they are always up for pushing their limits. Because of this, a trekking adventure up Macchu Picchu in Peru would be the ultimate competition with themselves they would love to win. There is no question that they would enjoy every minute of it as they are trailblazers and crave constant movement. The view from the top will mesmerize them and make all their efforts worth it.

Taurus: Romance and Romance Only

Taurus lovers are all about the romantic side of love. That is why the ideal honeymoon place would be Paris, France as there is no more romantic place on Earth. The city of love offers pleasures that would fulfil the hearts of all the hopeless romantics, just like Tauruses are. In such a romantic setting, their loyalty, security and stability will come to the surface especially when they are going to enjoy the sight of late Parisian nights fulfilled with French music, sweets and the view of the Eifel Tower.

Gemini: All about the Nightlife

Because Gemini people are in love with the nightlife, Miami, Florida is a great place to spend their ideal honeymoon. They can indulge themselves in the coolest dance bars in the world, enjoy the different cocktails and drinks and take up all the sun at the sandy beaches. Of course, a cruise ship is always in the equation of time perfectly spent with their new life-long partner.

Cancer: Serenity in Rustic Environment

Since Cancer people are protective and cautious combined with deep emotions, they would be perfectly comfortable to settle in a serene place in a rustic ambience and avoid leaping into the unknown. For that purpose, they would love to spend their honeymoon in Lake Tahoe, California, or in a more exotic place like Phuket, Thailand. Both of the places offer extreme comfort while they can spend their days hiking, swimming and wine tasting by the fireplace at night.

Leo: A Royal Experience

Leos the people that enjoy being in the spotlight the most of all zodiac signs. That being said, they would love to go somewhere where they will be treated like royalty. Such a place could be Bali, Indonesia where they can feel like the kings they think they are and enjoy endlessly the fairy tale of their honeymoon. They can stay at a resort in the jungle or right by the beach. They will wake up in the middle of paradise, eat fresh fruit and take a dip in their own infinity pool, get a spa treatment and go out for a fancy dinner. If this isn’t the perfect experience for a Leo, I don’t know what it is!

Virgo: In touch with Art and Culture

As Virgos are the most analytical of all the signs and most detail oriented as well, the perfect honeymoon for them would be a place that exudes art and culture. Florence in Italy is the perfect spot for all the Virgos out there. It is not crowded that much but offers so much culture that will satisfy all the Virgo’s hunger for art. They can visit different kinds of museums, enjoy the breath-taking architecture and learn a bit of the musical language, and most importantly, taste the world famous and delicious Italian food.