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3 Zodiac Signs With Highest Odds to Survive Thanos’ Snap

After the final installment to the Marvel saga of 22 movies, Avengers: Endgame featured the aftermath of the iconic snap of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. Thanks to the power of the six infinity stones, The Mad Titan wiped out half of the population on Earth with a simple snap of his fingers, leaving the world in a complete chaos for the remaining half.

Tears have been shed, heroes have been mourned, until the final resolution in Endgame where the remaining Avengers discovered a way to prevent Thanos’ snap by traveling through time and collecting the infinity stones before he does. They restore the world as they knew it after an incredible battle and lots of heroic moment, of which Iron Man’s exceeds any expectations.

After watching the movie, questioning which zodiac signs have the highest odds to survive Thanos’ snap was inevitable. Put in other words, which zodiac signs are the luckiest? So, we’ve compiled a list of 3 zodiac signs that could (probably) survive any kind of universe threats.


Notable Avenger who is Cancer: Steve Rogers (Captain America)

Born on 4th of July in 1918, Steve Rogers is America’s super soldier who possesses an incredible amount of courage and compassion and is the biggest patriot in the Marvel universe. Call it luck or destiny, Captain America was a part of the remaining half of the population who survived and even led the Avengers in the battle against Thanos for the sake of the Earth.

People born under Cancer are lucky to share a plethora of values with Captain America. Cancers are people who deeply and truly like to take care of others and are loyal to the bone. The introverted side and tendency to switch moods suddenly are two more similarities with Steve Rogers, as he’s often perceived as quiet and withdrawn.

The reason we believe Cancer can survive Thanos’ snap is because their luck is dramatically varying. When luck is on their side, there’s nothing going out of their way. When luck is not their side, however, they might be the first to vanish when Thanos snaps. Also, Cancers are incredibly stubborn and strong-willed, which is why we believe they have the power to survive all sorts of catastrophic events.


Notable Avengers who are Scorpios: Doctor Strange, Black Widow

Of all 14 million possibilities that Doctor Strange could see, there was supposedly only one in which the Avengers win against Thanos. If Doctor Strange were to see if he survives Thanos’ snap, we’re 100% sure that he wouldn’t see himself vanished from the world but rather see himself doing his magical stuff as Sorcerer Supreme.

Natasha Romanoff, or Black Widow, is another Scorpio from the Avengers. What these two Avengers have in common with Scorpios is their mysterious nature, their tendency to keep quiet for prolonged period of time, their manipulative and diplomatic behavior and their fierce passion for the things they truly care and love. Scorpios can get quite possessive and obsessive over people and things, and they always want to be in complete control.

Scorpios usually got luck and they even often get away for their own mistakes. These stubborn and determined individuals are often blessed with good fortunes without trying too hard. Take Doctor Strange for example: he got the Eye of Agamotto, the time stone, without ever asking.


Notable Avenger who is Sagittarius: Bruce Banner (Hulk)

As someone born under the positive influence of Jupiter, the planet of luck and opportunities, it is no surprise that Bruce Banner has (almost) always got the luck to turn into the Hulk when things got messy. After rejecting to make an appearance in Infinity War, Hulk showed up in Endgame and played an important role, but as a being that Bruce described “best of both worlds: my brain and Hulk’s muscles.”

It is general astrology knowledge that Sagittarius people are the luckiest and that is only because Jupiter is their ruling planet. For Sagittarius, life itself is a big field of opportunities where they can get all the adventures and experiences they want without much thinking. Their free, profound and imaginative way of thinking allows them to see clear goals achieved with all the boundaries and challenges overcome.

What’s special about Sagittarius’ luck is that they make their own luck by being as optimistic and enthusiastic as they are. They can see the bright side even if Thanos snaps his fingers. Sure Hulk was scared to death, but don’t forget that he was the first one to put on the glove with the six infinity stones that Tony Stark designed without ever thinking about possible consequences or complications.