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Which Rick & Morty Character Are you, Based on Your Zodiac Sign ⬆

Rick & Morty is a 2013 adult animated science fiction series that took the world by storm. It is basically inspired by “Back to the Future” and the relationship between Rick and Morty is often perceived as a brilliant interpretation of the relationship between the iconic duo of Doc Brown and Marty McFly. The cartoon is absolutely absurd, but in a funny way. It merges amusing science fiction humor with fart jokes and a whole lot of swear words that can sometimes be too much for some people *cough* Pisces *cough*. However, the imaginary universe is vast and each of the characters has a deep story arc, which is why we can relate 12 of the Rick & Morty characters to each of the zodiac signs.

Aries: Beth Smith

The confident and stubborn Aries is a lot like Beth Smith, the daughter of Rick and Diana Sanchez and mother of Morty Sanchez. Struggling with a superiority complex and abandonment issues sounds just like an Aries. Not to mention that they share the same hot-headed and ready-to-fight-in-every-moment attitude. Lastly, both Aries and Beth believe they are on the top of the world and they miss no opportunity to express their dominant personality.

Taurus: Jerry Smith

One of the main characters of the show who cares deeply about his family has a lot in common with the second zodiac sign, Taurus. Jerry Smith is a stubborn individual who is wrong more often than right. Jerry, the husband of Beth Smith, is highly sensitive and easily hurt. However, he is obsessed being the provider for his family, even though he’s incapable to keep a job. Also, his self-centered nature is exactly like Bull’s and it’s a source of a plenty of conflicts with Rick. lastly, Jerry and Taurus share the same supportive, caring and empathic qualities.

Gemini: Sleepy Gary

Sleepy Gary is a parasite who once took Jerry’s place in his and the rest of the family’s minds, making himself as a husband of Beth Smith. What makes him similar to the Gemini is their dual personality and his top-notch persuasive skills. They are both calm and social, yet thoughtful and highly intellectual. Furthermore, Gary can be just as reckless and easily distracted as the Gemini.

Cancer: Morty Smith

One of the two iconic protagonists of the show, Morty Smith, is a typical Cancer. Rick’s grandson, who’s often forced to go on a misadventure with his grandpa, is a gullible, easily manipulated and not so intellectually gifted. Despite the fact that he’s a protagonist, he has no hero attitude. His tendency to act cocky and overconfident is only to hide his insecurities and coward spirit, which is totally something a Cancer would do. Also, Morty is a big family person and he always has them at first place.

Leo: Jessica

Leo is undoubtedly Jessica. This popular girl from Morty’s class is Morty’s enormous crush who he daydreams about and even has dreams of sexual nature. Like Leo, Jessica is self-centered and likes to have things unfold as she wishes. She is liked by all and that pleases her ego. Jessica and Leo both thrive when they are getting people’s attention, no matter how.

Virgo: Summer Smith

Morty’s older sister is a typical American teenage girl. Although that doesn’t sound a lot like Virgo, there are a lot of things this zodiac sign shares with Summer Smith. Summer deeply desires to be popular among her friends, even though she lacks the self confidence. Also, she possesses above average intelligence and knows how to deal with any sort of situation – just like a Virgo. Lastly, these two become easily overwhelmed, which leads to self-pitying.