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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On September 25, 2022

Every now and then we all get that feeling that we should be doing more with our lives. We reflect back on ourselves with dismay; we are not satisfied with all that we’ve brought to the world, in fact, we may even come to believe we’re inferior or simply…unworthy.

While nobody likes feeling this way, it’s just one of the downsides to being human; we get this way, and sometimes it leads to depression, while at other times it acts as the impetus for major change.

Today brings us Moon trine Pluto, which is not an altogether ‘negative’ transit, but it does come with its own ‘purge,’ so to speak. This astrology transit, on September 25, puts us in a precarious position.

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We can stay satisfied and stuck with what we have, moaning and wailing over how awful we think we are, or, we can use this dark force to get us to the next level in our progress.

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Today gives us the choice: move on, or stay back. And we know what staying back gives us more of the same and nothing else.