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8 to 25 degrees in Gemini, Sep 3, 2022 to Mar 15, 2023 (Went Rx today) : astrology

Edit: I had a typo on the “Rx ends” date. If you saved the infographic, please toss it and save the one that is linked now.

Here we go, Mars Retrograde. This is a just over 6-month long process, including pre and post shadow periods. We’ve already been in this event for a while, since Sept. 3rd when it entered the Pre-Shadow. Transiting Mars has gone retrograde today.

  • PRESHADOW BEGINS: Sep 3rd, 7:07 pm EDT / 23:07 UT, @ 08 gem 07’45”

  • GOES RETROGRADE: Oct 30th, 9:26am EDT (13:26 UT) 25 gem 36’50”

  • RETROGRADE ENDS, GOES DIRECT: Jan 12th, 3:57pm EST (20:57 UT) @ 08 gem 07’45”

  • POSTSHADOW ENDS: Mar 15th, 11:58pm EST (3/16 03:58am UT) @ 25 gem 36’50”

To use this infographic:

Just imagine laying your own natal chart on top of the chart in the image, matching up the signs of your natal to the signs in the image. Not your houses. Align your chart’s signs**.** Now you know where transiting Mars in Gemini is, in your chart.

Those lines fanning out from Mars in the image, with their aspect symbols in the dots, show you which kind of aspect transiting Mars will make to each sign in your chart. It makes a sextile to Leo, a square to Virgo, a trine to Libra, etc.

The grey highlights on the degrees:

Only the degrees highlighted in grey (8 to 25 of each sign) will receive aspects during the Mars Rx process. Though certainly Mars, before and after retrograde, will aspect the rest of the degrees.

EXAMPLE: If you have a natal planet at 10 Virgo, (or at any degree within the degree range shown by that little grey highlight on the degrees ring in the image), then that planet will receive a square from transiting Mars in Gemini. It will receive 3 separate exact squares from Mars as Mars moves back and forth.