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The Ideal Boyfriend for Each Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign has the power to influence everything you do at every moment of your life. The Zodiac says a lot about your behavior, your goals, your choices, and dictates who should you date and who should you avoid. When it comes to finding true love, nobody wants to end up with someone who is in no way compatible with them. So, whether you’re a Libra, Cancer, Taurus, or Virgo lady, you should know what to look for in a man, for a happy life ahead. Read on if you want to find the perfect boyfriend for you according to your zodiac sign!


The woman born under the sign of Aries is fierce, bold, independent, and confident. She is also very intelligent and active, so she likes a man who is a bit of an adventurer and a fun person to be around.

She should date: Cancer and Pisces

The Cancer man is social, charming and attracted to the powerful energy of the Aries woman. The Cancer is the ideal boyfriend for the complex Aries because he is also very dynamic and can keep up with her. The Pisces man is also a good match for the Aries gal because he is sensitive to her emotions and his trustworthiness and loyalty will go far with her.


The Taurus woman is a committed lover and loyal friend. She loves to indulge in the finer things and wants comfort, luxury, and security in life. The Taurus lady likes a man who is independent, stable, strong, and mature.

She should date: Taurus and Cancer

The Taurus man is the ideal boyfriend for the Taurus woman. They fit perfectly with each other because they have the same passions and goals in life and they fully understand each other. However, the Cancer guy is also a very good match for the Taurus woman because he can meet her highly sensitive needs.


The Gemini woman is a hopeless romantic. She is very friendly, loving and a caring woman who believes in true love and enjoys watching romantic comedies. However, she is also curious, adventurous and more attracted to “bad boys”.

She should date: Cancer and Libra

The Cancer man is romantic and is always looking for steady and serious relationships, and the Gemini woman wants the same thing. He is the perfect boyfriend for the Gemini who wants someone she can always count on and feel safe with. Libra man and Gemini woman can also make a very good couple because both zodiac signs enjoy mental as well as physical stimulation. These two signs complement each other perfectly and will never tire of each other.


A Cancer lady is very kind, loving, generous, ambitious and has a great sense of humor. She is intelligent and attentive and dearly loves her home and her family and friends. As a Cancer, she can be extremely sensitive, so she needs a man who would who can understand her emotions and will love her for what she is.

She should date: Libra and Taurus

The Cancer woman is deeply attracted to the Libra man because he’s stable, confident, intelligent, well-balanced, and a great communicator who can make her feel secure. The Taurus man is also a good match for the Cancer woman because he’s very down-to-earth and is also able to offer her safety and stability in life.


The woman born under this zodiac sign is proud, egoistic, and very confident. The Leo woman is always in the spotlight – she loves attention and needs a man who is secure, supportive, and not too clingy. When she’s in love, the Leo woman is loyal, truly committed and loving to their partner.

She should date: Gemini and Scorpio

The Gemini man is the perfect boyfriend for the Leo woman. He is kindhearted, admires her dynamic personality, and he will make her feel loved and valued. The Scorpio man is also a great match for the Leo woman as both signs are very passionate, loyal, dominant, and powerful.


The Virgo woman is very quiet, thoughtful, organized, and vulnerable person. Even though she is hard to read and to get to open up, once she’s won over by someone, she will be very loving and committed to her partner until the end. The Virgo wants a sensitive and smart man that will be willing to compromise.

She should date: Libra and Capricorn

The logic and nurturing nature of the Libra man will make the Virgo feel loved and secure. On the other hand, the Capricorn is also a good match for the Virgo woman because he will be patient and will give her the time she needs to open up. The Capricorn will slowly pull the Virgo from her shell and she will be able to open up to him and reveal her true self.


The woman born under the sign of Libra is very self-aware. She knows what she wants and knows exactly how to get it. The Libra is logical, balanced, grounded, and most attracted to men who are social and fun to be with.

She should date: Sagittarius and Leo

The Sagittarius man is free-spirited and the Libra woman is grounded, so these two signs complement each other perfectly. He will open her mind to new things, while she will be there to bring him back down to earth. The playful Leo is another good match for the Libra lady. He loves the fact that she’s loyal and goal oriented, and both will motivate and support each other to achieve their dreams.


The Scorpio woman is very emotional and passionate, yet she can be reserved and jealous at times. She’s highly intuitive, intense, and physically and mentally demanding, so men find her very hard to deal with.

She should date: Capricorn and Leo

The fearless Scorpio woman will appreciate the Capricorn’s critical thinking, patience, and imagination. On the other hand, the Leo man is passionate, dominant and loyal just like the Scorpio woman, which makes these two signs a match made in heaven.


The Sagittarius woman is bold, free-spirited, easy going, fun, and adventurous. She loves to travel and explore the world, so it’s obvious that she needs someone who is equally passionate and adventurous as her.

She should date: Aries and Aquarius

An Aries man will appreciate her adventurous spirit and her easy going nature. Both zodiac signs are social butterflies, fun-loving people who share the need for excitement and want to avoid unnecessary drama in life. The Aquarius man, on the other hand, is passionate just like her and will help the Sagittarius woman grow as a person.


The Capricorn woman is a logical, patient, determined, and goal oriented person with a great sense of humor. She is great when it comes to problem-solving and she has a thing for creative men.

She should date: Pisces and Virgo

The Pisces man and the Capricorn woman might seem like an unlikely match, but these two signs are perfect for each other. He is sensitive and willing to commit, and she will make him feel safe and secure in a relationship. The Virgo man is also a good match for the Capricorn woman – these two will be very understanding and comforting to each other.


The Aquarius woman is creative, imaginative, social, and innovative. She always thinks outside the box and she values her independence and freedom, which means that she is not interested in being tied down. Even though she’s very out going, she has trouble showing her true emotions.

She should date: Libra and Gemini

The Libra man and the Aquarius woman are both social, creative, and easy-going. These two signs find each other’s company exciting and stimulating. The Aquarius woman finds the Gemini man very interesting and charming. Both are free spirited and passionate people and the Gemini man is probably the only sign of the zodiac that can hold down an Aquarius woman forever.


Ladies born under the sign of Pisces are very hard to understand. They are quite secretive and over sensitive, but they are sweet and shy women most of the time. The Pisces woman is creative and therefore she likes artistic people.

She should date: Cancer and Capricorn

The Cancer man is compassionate and sensitive, so the sweet Pisces woman will feel safe, secure, and loved with him. He will work hard to make her feel special and will have the patience to wait for her to open up to him. The Capricorn man finds the Pisces’ caring and sensitive nature charming, while she finds his logic and wisdom very appealing.