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[Inquiery] Help implementing alchemy into a hard magic system. Long read sorry. : alchemy


I won’t dance around the truth, I’m very, very new to the world of alchemy, but it’s one of those things that has been something I want to adopt and understand for myself creatively. I know there are many branches of alchemy. Still, I am approaching it with an elemental casting mind that is used primarily for healing, art, visual entertainment and self-defence. Nothing combative.

Many characters I’ve made have “tattoos” with alchemic symbols that reference their usage of the element in their work and work as a sigil (?) of sorts to manifest power. Is there anything similar in older books or resources I could look into since magic and alchemy hold hands somewhat?

Another symbol I looked into was the philosopher’s hand and its themes of truth-seeking and transformation as means to commune with spirits rather than a god since there isn’t one in the world. What do you think of this? Are there any tools in alchemy that dabble in directly communicating with nature/spirits?

I want to honour the history of alchemy as a practice, art and historical movement while adopting it for fantasy, so I’m asking how to strike a balance between a system with chemistry and magic that is the basis for the life of many characters in the world. How would it be taught in schools? What items would you say are essential for someone practising a more fantastical alchemy that you have used?

I’m already looking into Wicca as another co-existent narrative in the world, so is there any overlap with witchcraft and alchemy I can read up on???

Any help is appreciated; sorry for any personal noobish questions; I’m a bit overwhelmed with the wealth of information. And sorry for the jumbled thoughts; I’d instead come here than fantasy subreddits since my posts get swamped in those.