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your story may be what I’m looking for… : alchemy

Have you noticed that, as you began your awakening/healing process, so did the world? The “external reality”? What is your story?

Indra’s net has come to my attention, and it brought some understanding of “as within, so without”, the reflective nature of reality.

Then it hit me: this means that when you heal, the world around you heals! As you make your jewel clearer, so will the reflections on the jewels around you become clearer! And then that cleaner reflection gets back to you!! Ad infinitum. Whatever is, gets reflected&reinforced.

In this context, when we are asleep we behave and think of ourselves as a reflection of the world. When we awaken (or begin to awaken, view it as you like), we reverse that and see ourselves reflected in the world.

On this topic, I think that those two perspectives are the same phenomenon view from two different points. Ultimately there is no actual, “real” distinction between awake and asleep, or the world and ourselves. Dualities collapsed. Awake and asleep. Sometimes a realization of no self takes place, kinda dissoaciative. That’s one of the ways to perceive this non dual aspect of Unity.


I’d love to hear your story. There’s not many of this kind of perspectives on here (at least I haven’t found many posts talking about healing the world within) and I’d love to find out about yours! Which would encourage me with my own journey, since it seems like my own repressed and numbed down emotions manifested all my life through my family, typically one of the clearest reflections we can see. Several relatives with moderate to severe health conditions.

Going back to Indra’s net analogy, since all jewels are a central point of the infinite (circumference’less circle, if all points are the center it’s all a center, I’m in awe), they experience their own lives as central and, physically, they are one of the centers. So the jewels surrounding each jewel will be not only their own center, but the cleanest reflection, they are the first ones to reflect back to the central jewel! It’s beautiful isn’t it? So my family tells me a lot about myself, and it feels like I’m looking for a way to embrace the initial discomfort of change, and reading about this specific phenomena of people healing themselves and their reality following suit may serves that purpose.

Although I know that, at the end of the day, I’ll only change when I decide to do so, excuses for change don’t exist. There may be stuff that triggers an understanding tho, an understanding that brings clarity.

In any case, thank you for your time!