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Kabbalah – Tree of life

There are many books on Kabbalah, many teachings, and many courses. The problem with many of them is that they interpret the material from their logical mind and do not grasp the experiential art of Kabbalah. Many copy what they heard from other teachers and by this the teaching becomes skewed. Here I’ll try to provide a different picture.

In short: Kabbalah is a map of human souls with 10 emanations or energy centers, each describing a different quality of God and the Universe.

In this article, I explain the properties of each sphere of the Tree and its evil counter-forces (Qlippoth) or the Tree of Death. As with any energy, there is opposite unbalanced nature to it. These in Kabbalah are called demons or Qlippoth. It’s not to say that these energies are evil, more accurately unbalanced, and causing harm.

The Jewish categorization of masculine/feminine energies has a uniqueness and distinctiveness compared to other cultures.

The Jews present the desire for kindness and love as masculine energy and restraining and strictness as feminine energy, which at first glance seems to contradict the usual stereotypes.

However, only by digging deeper can we discover a deeper meaning and understand why the Jews valued energies in this way.

In fact, there is no contradiction, just a more profound understanding, and admiration for different cultures’ concepts of masculinity and femininity.

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